All Preparation Equipment supplies leading concrete floor polisher with PORTABLE Generators to give higher PRODUCTION in concrete floor preparation and polishing jobs. Read on to see why Makinex 16kVa Generators were a winner!

Hastings Surface Preparation specialise in creating beautiful polished concrete floors for both residential and business environments yet their existing Gen Tech 12 ½ kVA generator didn’t provide adequate power to enable them to operate their machines. With over 80 hours of field trials and testing, Hastings felt confident the Makinex 16kVA Generator was the right choice for their power needs.



Hastings Surface Preparation use a variety of machines to create outstanding polished concrete floors. They use a variety of machines such as PG530 Husqvarna grinders and polishers, Ermator S26 and S36 dust extractors and the Schwamborn 650 grinder and polisher. In addition to this, they also need power to run a range of Makita hand grinders and polishers and dust extractors. Hastings found their existing Gen Tech 12 ½ kVA generator didn’t work for them as it didn’t provide them with enough power to run their machines.




As a solution to their problem, Makinex Construction Products introduced the Makinex 16 kVA Generator to Hastings Surface Preparation to solves their power shortages. Hastings felt confident with choosing the Makinex 16 kVA Generator as over 80 hours of field trials and testing had proven its ability to handle load variances and long running times..

As a solution to this problem, they purchased a Makinex 16kVA Generator as it provided them with the additional power their fleet of machines required to run.



When asked what the main benefit had been since purchasing the Makinex Generator, Brett from Hastings was quick to reply with one word…. mobility!

“You can wheel it right up to where you want it and have it right next to where you need it to be. It’s in the trailer with all my machines and so we just attach the leads and we’re ready to go.” Since purchasing the Makinex 16 kVA, Hastings could meet their additional power requirements as well as having the added benefit of a highly mobile power source.

The Makinex Generator range includes a 16kVA, 10kVA and 6kVA as well as the Makinex Parallel Box (which combines the power of two Makinex Generators into one) and accessories.

If you'd like to see a 16kva Generator, 10kva Generator or Parrallel box in action, contact one of the All Preparation Equipment team to arrange a demo of these. We've successfully connected them to Husqvarna Three phase grinder, HTC Concrete floor grinders, Concrete floor grinding machines by Tyrolit, the 250mm Cub Grinder, Chinese built, Shark Concrete Grinding machines and Floorex, Satellite Concrete grinders making them run more effectively and making these systems more portable on site !

Our Sydney Store, often has a demo machine on the floor and would be happy to connect your grinder, vacuum setup to see it in use and show you how it works!


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