Another testament to making tough jobs easy. Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinders

''She’s killing – the best thing I’ve brought!'' says Shoey. ''Next stop, we're grinding the Autobarn store.'' With Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinders the production, performance and finish you can get is second to none. Tough jobs made easy with All Preparation Equipment.

My grinder smashed the other one , it worked so well we're doing almost 3 times the amount that the other one would move. The speed of the DSM250 Grinder is a weapon, it just glides through the floor.

With the Stand up Schwamborn DSM250 Concrete Floor Grinder is easier than ever, saving you from being on your hands and knees for hours preparing concrete, grinding off glues and adhesives, levelling down high spots, grinding off concrete coatings, epoxy, spray pave and exposed aggregate the Schwamborn Grinder can do it all! 

Concrete Floor Grinding and preparation can be dusty, dirty work if your not runining an effecient vacuum system on the back of your machine. With any size concrete floor grinder from a 4'' (100mm) angle grinder through to 5" (125mm), 7/9" (175/230mm) handheld angle grinders through to the stand up single and three phase units - DUST needs to be controlled. 

Our range of Dustcontrol Vacuum systems are designed to help control airborne and surface dust while you grind making for cleaner, safer work onsite. 

Talk to the team today at All Preparation Equipment about your concrete floor preparation and grinding setup to help get you working smarter, not harder!

Ph. 1800 422 992

Web. www.allprep.com.au 


Shop the range of Concrete Floor Grinders online today, https://www.allprep.com.au/category/421-concrete-floor-grinders 

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