Concrete flooring is everywhere; it’s under just about every floor you walk on. Polished concrete is a tough, hard wearing floor surface that gives multiple advantages. A few of these we’ve expanded on below, but in summary: they retain their smart, beautiful appearance for years to come.  

You’ll see as you look around. Polished concrete floors complement many working areas, from commercial fitouts or building premises to cafés, restaurants and the floor area in a home. The opportunities are everywhere! Even larger scale floors of 1000’s of sqm, including warehouse and industrial floors, can be ground and polished to a beautiful sheen. In supplying Schwamborn floor grinding and polishing machines to hundreds of concrete grinding and floor polishing contractors, building companies and other related industry subcontractors in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve seen first-hand the stunning finish that can be achieved with these machines.

The Schwamborn planetary floor grinders and polished floor grinding systems can help turn a dull or dirty concrete slab into a polished concrete masterpiece. So why should you get set up to deliver polished concrete flooring? The result is outstanding, and for good reason! Here are the top 3 benefits of polished concrete flooring in your next commercial project:


Polished concrete is a strong, tough and durable floor type that can withstand vehicle, forklift and foot traffic. Done with the right concrete floor grinder and the right densifiers, and repaired with the right grout or crack repair compound, it’s extremely difficult to damage and just about impossible to scratch.

This is largely why it’s used in commercial and industrial applications, from restaurants and cafés through to industrial floor warehouses and garage floor areas. With multiple possible appearances, cut and coat polished concrete floors can be installed indoors or outdoors without any trouble. The only difference in these cases is the sealer or coating that is applied to it.


First impressions count. That’s where polished concrete floors can really give that ‘wow’ factor and make a lasting impression on everyone who walks through your doors. From the basics of a cut and coat polished concrete floor through to a full professional polish, every type of polished concrete floor looks impressive. The finish of the floor depends entirely on the concrete slab, grinding machine and process used to polish it.

If you are designing the slab yourself, make sure you choose your concreter wisely. You want a quality concreter pouring your floor, ensuring they can get you the look you want. Just a tip: a broom finish is best on a new slab to keep the costs down when grinding. Keep an eye on our News Page to see ideas on what our customers have shared about creative ways to polish your floors. You may have some ideas too – feel free to share them!


It’s super easy! In fact, polished concrete flooring is one of the easiest floor surfaces to maintain and does not require heavy duty cleaners or chemicals to keep it clean. Daily maintenance involves just a dust mop, or a soft gentle cleaner if it’s in a commercial area with heavy traffic. In larger shopping centres or malls, an automatic scrubbing or cleaning machine is used to clean it faster than any manual cleaning option.

Online you will see 100’s of reviews on polished concrete flooring and why it is being the floor of choice more and more. In commercial and retail premises, polished concrete flooring is a cost-effective option due to the low maintenance and cleaning costs. You’ll see in a lot of large retail stores like DFO, Masters, Bunnings and Costco that polished concrete really is everywhere! And more and more you’ll see it in cafés, restaurants, hotels and airports too because it’s so clean, hygienic and easy to clean as well as leaves a smart and professional image.

No two concrete floors are the same. This is why we’d recommend talking to your polishing contractor or the experts at All Preparation Equipment about how to ensure you get the look you want. We can provide specialist tools, tips and techniques to help you master the art of polished concrete flooring and deliver a beautiful finish, every time. Contact us today to find out more! Not saying that vinyls, carpets, tiles, linoleum, timber and parquetry are not options. It's up to you to decide the right floor covering for your project depending on it's applications.  

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