On rooftop membrane removal and tile bedding grinding project it was left to the Schwamborn DSM530s Three phase Concrete Floor Grinder to make it happen.

After 8 hours work with 2 x hire single phase concrete floor grinders the Schwamborn DSM530s arrived onsite to smash out more than double the floor area in 45 minutes straight!
If your struggling to remove concrete waterproofing membrane, sticky adhesives, concrete floor coatings, epoxy coating, resin coating or anything similar that’s soft or sticky – call All Preparation Equipment today 1800 422 992.


Using and finding the right concrete floor grinder is the difference between turning projects around faster, making better profits, getting flatter floors compared to a slower grind, lighter machine which can struggle on some projects, and taking longer to turn your projects around.

Taking into consideration the need for three phase 400V power onsite, the advantages of three phase power and production far out way the single phase every day of the week.

Schwamborn three phase concrete floor grinders and the Remote controlled run off electric 400V / three phase power to make it happen.


Without the right diamond grinding shoes, segments or wedge's on the bottom of your concrete girnding machine you can be spending extra time on the job. Diamonds including PCD'sSpeed ShoesSuper RhinosStripper PCD's and Softer bonds are just a few ways to tear off waterproofing membranes, concrete epoxy coatings, paints, adhesives, spray or torch on products quicker. 

Products that are applied from a wet product will often heat up and become reactivated during the grind. Because of this tougher diamonds such as the above tend to carve into the product faster, meaning they will rip, grind and slice the product off opposed to heavy grinding with a standard diamond (16 grit, 20 grit, 3040 grit etc) which in some applications may heat the product up, reactiviating it and cause it to smear around the diamond preventing it's cutting life. 

When the product heats up, and covers the diamond grit/segment the cutting speed is greatly reduced eventually causing the diamond to be deemed useless on that particular application. 

We've seen this many times where a flooring contractor has been setup with a concrete floor grinding machine and diamonds for a general application when they need a harsher, more aggressive diamond segment to carve, rip or grind the product (ie, concrete coating) off faster and more effectively. 

The analagy is used 'cuts like a knife to butter' for these PCD's diamond grinding segments.

Amoungst a few other options of diamond tooling PCD's offer effeicient removal and often clean the concrete in a single pass. 


The concrete floor preparation, grinding and polishing industry is developing all the time with All Preparation Equipment running at the forefront we’re all about making tough jobs easy.

Getting off your hands and knees, saving your back, hip and joints while grinding, taking less effort off the operator, getting more life out of your diamond grinding shoes, using more efficient diamond tooling and grinding dust free are just a few pointers to making for faster production.

Three phase concrete floor grinders allow you to cut your concrete floor grinding project time by 3-5 times depending on the application.


All Preparation Equipment works closely with Schwamborn – a German manufacturer who makes all parts, assembles and manufactures solely in Germany.

At All Preparation Equipment we work closely with the professionals to ensure diamonds meet the need of the market in getting better finish, faster grind and running more economically.

With a focus on quality, reliability and effeicnecy it’s al about getting a machine that’s going to last you the long run.


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