A solution for warehouses, retail shops, production facilities, distribution centres and large open concrete spaces.

C2 Crete Colors Protector has been developed for the concrete floors that require a non-glossy 'matte' finish but need good stain protection. Another great application is parking garages and multilevel parking lots to protect against oils and stains.

C2 Crete Colors International Protector is a popular, water-based, eco-friendly penetrating sealer often used in warehouses, and production facilities alongside 1 x coat of our premium C2 Super Hard Lithium Densifier, and finished with 1 x coat of C2 Protector. Protector is a sealer which has been sold for more than 3 years and is a well proved technology.

Below you will find key information that will guide your testing:

General Tips

Please apply C2 Protector per the attached product data sheet and allow it to dry 48 hours before doing any stain testing on the product.  Do not use high speed burnish this product.  This product will penetrate into the surface and create an invisible barrier for oils and stain protection.  If you over-apply and a slight haze develops on the surface, you should wait for it to dry overnight then in the morning come back and auto-scrub or wash the floor to remove haze. 

Dilution & Mixing
C2 Protector is not to be diluted or altered prior to application. Apply as packaged. Stir or mix well before use.

Typical Coverage Rates
C2 Protector is an effective penetrating sealer and applied sparingly on polished concrete floor applications, tight or hard floors. Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperature and relative humidity will affect coverage rates and drying times.  Estimated coverage rates are:

Porous Surfaces - 1 - 2.5 m2/L
Semi-Porous Surfaces - 2.5 - 10 m2/L
Non-Porous Surfaces - 10 - 20m2/L

Preferred method of application is with low pressure (<50 psi), pump-type sprayer. Adjust tip to prevent atomization during application.  DO NOT ATOMIZE DURING APPLICATION. This product contains a material that can cause serious lung damage or impairment if inhaled as an aerosol or fine mist. 

Surface Preparation
Protect people, vehicles, property, plants and all non- masonry from product, splash, fumes, residue and wind drift.  Avoid exposing passersby and building occupants to product and mists. Protect and/ or divert pedestrian and auto traffic. Ensure fresh air entry and cross ventilation during application and drying.  Thoroughly clean and rinse surfaces before applying C2 Protector. Use the appropriate Crete Colours cleaner. Let cleaned surfaces dry thoroughly before application.

Surface & Air Temperatures
Should be at least 4°C and expected to remain so for 4 hours after application. Surface and air temperatures should not exceed 32°C.  On warm days, apply early in the day and to shaded areas.

Application procedure on horizontal surfaces:

On most surfaces, apply in a single saturating application.  Even out puddles with a microfiber applicator before material has a chance to fully dry.  If needed, an additional coat can be applied after material has dried for at least 1 hour. The second coat will require less material.

On porous surfaces for optimum stain repellency on porous surfaces, apply a saturating coat and allow to dry thoroughly before applying a second saturating coat. Less material will be required on the second application. Over-application may change surface appearance.

Drying Time

Treated surfaces can be opened to traffic as soon as the surface is completely dry. Protect treated surfaces from direct water contact for 12 hours. Concrete Protector gains its oil-resistant properties in 48 hours.

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