In the heart of the brisbane city, another commercial office fitout is soon to be underway. First step was the floor stripping, grinding and glue removal ready for the flooring installers to come in and do their thing. Read on to see pictures from the impressive production these guys achieved on their grind part of this site.

With previous experience hiring a three phase concrete floor grinder it was time to step up the game and get through their floors faster. Here onsite at Eagle Street, concrete floor preparation was completed using the DSM650RC Remote Controlled Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder connected to the effective Dustcontrol SE Storm 500 Three phase Concrete Vacuum System.

Diamond Tooling.

With so many options of concrete floor grinding machines available to purchase in this day and age, the key is getting the right diamond tooling and the right advice and understanding around your project.

Onsite any construction fitout or renovation project often the removal and concrete floor grinding, levelling and preparation side of the works takes a lot in labour – but with the help of the Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder – Three phase machine, tough jobs are easy!

Diamond grinding shoes for these machines are available in 16, 20, 40, 60, 80, 150 grit and each of these available in 6 different bonds or grades of diamonds to meet the need of grinding the harder floors 42 MPA + and the softer floors around 25 MPA. 

Within the range of Schwamborn Diamond Grinding shoes there is a selection of harder bond diamonds also designed for floors and external areas where exposed aggregate or rain damaged concrete floor slabs need a grind down. These are often the red diamonds. By using the right diamond on these softer or harsher floor conditions ensures you get maximum life + maximum productivity = maximum profits on the job.


How diamond grinding shoes work,

With diamond grinding shoes be it a Schwamborn Knock on Grinding shoe, a Redilock style – Husqvarna grinding segment, 7’’ 175mm Diamond Grinding wheels with segments, plugs for a Satellite floor grinding machine, the Lavina, Scanmaskin or Terrco holder plates or any diamond in between they all work somewhat – the same.

Diamonds are made up of Bond and Grit. These two work together, and are chosen depending on the type of concrete floor you are grinding.

Bond is the part that holds the diamond in place. This is classed as either soft, medium or hard. In Schwamborn Grinding shoes you get additional options for those harder or softer floors to ensure you have something that will help you get through it faster without the diamond glazing over or wearing away in a few sqm of grinding.

As the bond wears away it allows the GRIT to be exposed to help the diamond to cut. As the diamond is exposed it resharpens to ensure cutting / grinding action continues.

When the incorrect bond is chosen it can cause issues known as diamond glazing, scratch markings, inconsistent grinding patterns and other points. You can read more from our Diamond Tooling guide here,


The basic key
Softer bond diamonds are best for Harder concrete floors.

Harder bond diamonds are best for Softer concrete floors.

Lower grit diamonds (16 – 20 – 40 grit) are more aggressive and will tend to leave a lot of scratch markings or deeper scratches in the lower grits. These diamonds are also very effective for removal of thinner applications of paint, coating, glues and adhesives.

Higher grit diamonds (60 – 80 – 120/150) are less aggressive in their grinding and scratch pattern and often used in the finishing stages, or in concrete floor polishing.

Schwamborn Concrete Grinders

Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinders are made, manufactured and designed in Germany making use of current technologies and innovation from the core. Built around the user and ease of use for the operator, Schwamborn three phase grinders have a great counter balance making transportation easy to and from site as well as the convenience of things like the side saddle weights – option, and a water tank for misting or doing a wet grind or polish cut.

Take a look online Schwamborns’ website, to see the complete range. .. gaining ground with us.


How to grind dustless,

Have you been onsite with billows of dust before, a contractor with no dust skirt, shroud or dust enclosure around their grinder?

Are you struggling with dust control both surface dusting and airborne dusting with your current vacuum or dust extractor? Consider stepping up with a Dustcontrol Vacuum solution that’s effective, efficient and assists to suck the nasties away.

Alongside the three phase concrete floor grinders including the 530s, 550, 650, 680, 680rc, 800, 820 concrete floor grinders the Dustcontrol Vacuum system range from Sweden boasts the best possible efficiency and dust control ratings. 

See the complete range of Dustcontrol’s Vacuum range online



Some of the smaller models including the DC400 Tromb Vacuum – a 15amp, Single phase unit have seen fit to run off the small Three phase concrete floor grinders including the DSM530s, 4kW Grinder and other grinders around that size. The Tromb Vacuum aka, the BEAST boast effective dust control, a high efficiency filter, longpac vacuum drop down bag system and a heavy duty floor tool kit for using separately as required in general clean up on your projects.

Major construction companies have found this unit to work well as a vacuum onsite for the trades to use or to clean off each floor during the construction project to minimise dust, dirt or damage from the trades working onsite. 



Stepping up from the Tromb400L Dustcontrol Vacuum is the DC3900L Twin Turbo Three phase Dustcontrol Vacuum. This system runs in line with a vacuum dust separator to capture the bulk of the dust prior to getting through to the vacuum.

By having this ability the bulk of the dust is caught in the longopac or Intellibag under the Separator section to ensure it doesn’t get through to the Vacuums’ filter element keeping the vacuum’s suction of concrete dust and other products more efficient.

Some contractors like to run a smaller separator unit even when running a single or three phase vacuum – however with the DC3900L Twin Turbo Three phase Vacuum the Separator and Vacuum are all in one, packaged on a single frame to make transport and manuvrouing around site a lot easier. 



For maximum productivity and efficiencies running of any machine larger than a 600mm Concrete Floor Grinder and especially the Remote Controlled Concrete Floor Grinders, look no further than the Dustcontrol STORM 500 Vacuum – a 5kW Beast and the STORM 700 Three phase Vacuum –a 7kW package.

Both these units work exceptionally well alongside the larger concrete floor grinders when doing bulk removal, concrete floor prep and grinding, removing floor leveller, grinding soft concrete floors, and bulk adhesive, glue, membrane and concrete floor coating removal.

These pair exceptionally alongside the Schwamborn DSM650s, DSM650RC, DSM800S and DSM800RC as well as the range of Grinders from other brands including Husqvarna – 680, 680RC, 820, 820RC, Lavina, Scanmaskin, HTC 650 and 820, Floorex Satellite 760 Three phase Concrete Grinder, Terrco and others.

Dustcontrol Vacuums are all H Class Vacuums, running with efficient filters, Longopac extension vacuum bag and a solid hose and floor tool head kit the Dustcontrol Vacuum was the way to go to ensure all dust was captured on the site.



At All Preparation Equipment we know what it’s like to be onsite a grinding project and be caught out with the wrong diamonds.

We’re only a phone call away and would love to help with your current or upcoming projects to ensure maximum productivity and profits.


On a lot of renovation, refurbishment or construction projects you have tight deadlines, you may only get a few hours window to do the concrete prep and grind works in, or you have to access the site to grind for 2 hours of a morning.

These short windows mean you and your concrete floor prep team need to know what they are doing with diamond tooling to ensure you can get in there and smash out the concrete floor grinding and floor prep works in the quickest possible time.


Browse the range,

Alongside the standard Knock on Grinding shoe segments, All Preparation Equipment also carries a wide range of PCD Diamond Grinding shoes for the thicker coating, adhesives, membrane, glue and epoxy coating removal.

These applications often need something sharper than a diamond that won’t reactive the product and smear over the diamond to prevent it cutting. For this reason, PCD Diamond Grinding shoes and attachments exist.

PCD is short for Polycrystalline Diamonds and are the best option for grinding off and removing adhesives, glues, paints, coatings, epoxy floors, waterproofing membranes and any other product that has been applied at around 3mm thick + or more.

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