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Power is the one thing you simply can't do without, and it needs to be portable, practical and powerful - when you need it. Having the ability to mount and run off the back of a ute / trailer or truck is often the way it works however with the new development of a portable system you can wheel your power to site, in the places you don't have access to it and not have a larger system out on the footpath or outside building working for you.


All Preparation Equipment is working with the Makinex Power Generators range which has the most advanced in it's kind for Petrol and Diesel Generators.

Boasting 15% more efficiency than other brands and a casing size as one of the smallest on the market they are the most compact, and portable generators around.

Makinex Generator Systems and Generator / Power boxes offer a single or three-phase outlet ability and have a very high start capacity.

With concrete floor grinders, it's often not just a case of "I'll just use the lead I've got," Grinders require power, just like we require air to breathe your tools need the power to survive. When run off the wrong power supply there is a number of issues to deal with - tripping out - starved motors - burnt capacitors - plug tops - draining power from your motor. Being a specialist supplier to the flooring industry, All Preparation Equipment is capable of working with you to ensure your lead size is accurate for the sized grinder you run.

Largely in the flooring industry, contractors will run a 5" or 7" Angle Grinder, a Polivac sander / polisher machine or a Stand-up Grinder for the smaller projects. Each of these machines, (mostly) run off a standard power supply - 240V.

It's often the case on-site where there are multiple trades using the one source of power. Sometimes in this case there is not enough power to draw from to power your concrete floor grinder, scarifier, shot blaster, floor stripper or dust extraction and concrete vacuum systems. These machines are either powered by electric, battery or propane and in some cases, hydraulic motors are used. With propane machines, there is no cords or electrical requirements other than the battery used for starting the machine. Propane machines obviously have other things that cause restraint on site like the fume or smell during use.

Electrical requirements for electric floor grinding/ scarifying / floor stripping machines typically use 230 volts or three-phase 400 volts. Make sure your working area or facility you are going to be working in has the right electrical outlets and enough power to operate the equipment you are using. It's important to consider your power on-site to eliminate any issues or downtime on the job.

Generators can range from a small portable box to something that can be mounted on the back of your truck. Depending on your requirements for single or three-phase equipment to run on-site will depend on the size generator you need.

When your machine is starved of power that's when things go wrong. Capacitors fail, motors trip out, the machine won't start and you're stuck with good tools that can't be used, so that's exactly what we want to help prevent you from having.


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