Where high speed floor grinding is required, when you are working in an asbestos bubble removing friable asbestos, it’s essential that you’ve got an easy machine to use, and one that does the job for you quickly. One of our clients shared a video of one of their team using their new DSM400 three phase Schwamborn grinder to remove blackjack asbestos product from a concrete floor, so we thought to share this floor grinder's success! Our client Peter commented, "That DSM400 grinder is a beast – if you left it to sit, it would eat through the concrete!"

The DSM400 single head Schwamborn concrete floor grinder provides a fast, high speed action for glue removal and floor preparation. When used with the lower grit diamond grinding shoes, the single phase grinder is a great unit for asbestos blackjack removal. PCD diamond grinding shoes are also a popular diamond used for the removal of thicker asbestos glues and fibres, including blackjack and membranes.

They take the bulk of the product off the floor, allowing you to then clean over the concrete with a diamond grinding shoe. So what's the best floor grinder to use for asbestos removal?

With three phase power in a 400mm concrete floor grinder, the Schwamborn DSM400's single grinding head ensures the maximum possible grinding power is focused across the floor. Fixed speed, adjustable lifting handles, and low noise & vibration made the DSM400 single head, three phase floor grinder the most effective machine to use.


Asbestos was a common part of construction projects prior to the 1980’s due to its low cost and fire-resistance, meaning a lot of homes and commercial properties contain asbestos fibres. Removing contaminated asbestos floor coverings needs to be carried out by a certified asbestos removal contractor.

There are two classes of asbestos which describe the softness of the product:

Class A (friable) and Class B (non-friable) asbestos. Often the blackjack glue, adhesives and membranes are the hardest to remove and require a Class A certified asbestos removal contractor only. When floor coverings are removed from the concrete floor substrate there is often an adhesive which needs to also be removed as it is contaminated with asbestos fibres.

Once the floor covering is removed from the floor, the concrete floor and floor covering adhesive or black jack needs to be ground off the floor or removal. This floor grinding process works best with a lower grit, diamond grinding shoe, or PCD. Schwamborn floor grinding machines provide:

  • Complete dust control and extraction, when connected to an asbestos class vacuum
  • High speed, fast removal of product with the use of knock on diamond grinding shoes and PCD (Polycrystalline) diamond grinding shoes for the removal of thicker or sticky product
  • Easy-to-use and control to ensure every fibre of asbestos or blackjack adhesive is removed

Let us help you:

  • Lift and remove floor coverings
  • Grind off blackjack, adhesive and asbestos glues
  • Grind the floor of contaminated floor screeds or tile bedding
  • Level and smooth over your concrete floor ready for a new floor covering to be laid

Using the right equipment helps you stay on top of the game and stay safe in the process.


Across Australia and New Zealand we are supplying asbestos removal contractors with floor removal and concrete floor preparation equipment to ensure their asbestos projects are completed correctly, to the required standards on time.

Call All Preparation Equipment on 1800 422 992 to discuss your next asbestos floor removal project.


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