With hundreds of contractors across Australia and New Zealand now wearing these newly developed Flexible Spiked shoes for coating and epoxy floor application, the whole process has become even easier.

The Epoxy Spiked shoe has superior stability compared to other clamped shoe types and is simple to put on and take off without having to take a seat to tighten a buckle or loosen the strap.

With the ShoeIn Flexible Spiked Shoes you can easily walk over your floor while you apply without creating any footprints or footmarks. The flexible design allows you to wear the shoe without bending over or sitting down to fit them.

The ShoeIn Flexible Spiked Shoes in comparison to a standard spiked shoe used in concrete coatings and flooring applications are faster, easier, and cleaner to use as they allow you to seamlessly walk heal to toe as normal.

Available in shoe sizes they are designed to fit snugly to your foot and mean you can still wear standard steel cap boots, runners, or covered-in shoes. 

  • MEDIUM SPIKED SHOE, suited to Size 9 boot size and under
  • LARGE SPIKED SHOE, suited to 9-11 shoe or boot size 
  • X LARGE SPIKED SHOE - suited to 11-16 shoe or boot size

Contact the team at All Preparation Equipment on 1800 422 992 or take a look at the spiked shoe range online and make your purchase for delivery direct to site! 


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