Bush hammers are designed to provide a decorative finish in concrete, adding more excellent slip resistance and grip to surfaces. The bush hammer tool creates small textured holes in the concrete, which opens the concrete up to provide extra grip.

Concrete floor grinder bush hammer head attachment for profiling

These tools are designed for grinding down high spots and opening up the surface quickly when running on three-phase concrete floor grinding machines.

They also can create a CSP Level 2-3and higher depending on the hardness of the concrete and the hammer you use.

Bush hammers roll around on a bearing mounted to a plate attached to the base of your concrete floor grinding machine. These rollers texture and dimple the surface to fracture it and open up the aggregate.


Bush hammered concrete surface profile for better slip resistance

Why Bush hammers are so effective,

  • Long service life due to 100 TC pins
  • Very smooth machine running
  • Produces very fine and homogeneous concrete surface structure comparable to CSP Level 2-3
  • Small to medium increase in texture depth/grip of asphalt and concrete.

Bush hammering is often performed on,

  • Driveways and steep slopy areas.
  • Swimming pool surrounds,
  • Garden paths,
  • Public places,
  • Bridge decks and platforms and,
  • Very hard concrete floors to open up or remove high spots.

Depending on the brand of your concrete floor grinding system, we have a range of Bush hammer plates to help you perform this type of finish.

Shop the range of bush hammer plate options for your Floor Grinding setup here,


Concrete bush hammering tools for three phase concrete floor grinder

Do you need to achieve a slip rating on your floor?

We would always suggest a trial using bush hammers and then carry out a slip rate test with bush hammering.

The bush hammerheads roll around, fracturing the surface to provide;

  • Make it easier for a standard diamond shoe to ‘bite’ into the surface
  • Take of bulk removal means there is less grinding to do once the bush hammer has done its work
  • Create a mechanical key for subsequent coatings
  • Provide a decorative finish – typically outdoors
  • Provide slip-resistant texture to a smooth surface


Schwamborn Concrete floor grinder running bush hammer heads to provide textured surface profile and slip resistance

 Process of running the Bush hammer plates,

  • After simply attaching the bush hammer plate attachment, you turn your machine back upright to begin grinding.
  • Designed to be used at the lowest speed setting as it is a very aggressive
  • Check if you have the result you want by vacuuming the surface you’ve ground and making sure the profile is as you want.
  • Check if it is the profile you want
  • If it’s not the profile you require, there are more aggressive and also smoother finishing options

Keeping in mind this process is very harsh and very aggressive so tends to create a lot of dust based on the amount of concrete you remove. Be sure to have an adequate or overpowered vacuum cleaner that can control the dust while you grind on the job.

You will also need the vacuum to clean up after the grind and assess the profile or texture you have created.

Contact the All Preparation Equipment team today to further discuss your project requirements, 1800 422 992.


Bush hammered surface finish on concrete floor using Schwamborn three phase floor grinder


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