In the busy working hub of Milton, Brisbane contractor Nathan Young from Apex Epoxy was called on to turn an old warehouse floor into an impressive office floor by preparing it and applying a concrete coating. After a major structural refurbishment, the building was to be the office space for architects and designers who wanted to keep with the look of the old industrial concrete floor.

Using a 600mm polyurethane double notched rake with 4mm height allowed the product to be applied in record time after the floor was ground down and prepared. Available in sizes from 2mm through to 10mm, polyurethane application rakes make applying epoxy coatings and other products easier as they are flexible, and accurately apply the product to a required thickness.

Easy removal of concrete floor imperfections

Within every old concrete floor, there are often imperfections that need rectification, from high spots to glues, paint or membranes. Using the method of concrete floor grinding with a 16, 20/30 grit diamond, these can readily be removed.

From this grinding process a key is left on the floor, ready for you to apply the concrete floor coating or penetrating sealer.

Need to find the right coating or epoxy application tool for your concrete flooring projects, or wanting to work out how to get the flooring finish you want?

Want to know how to make your coating application, self levelling or floor topping projects easier?

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