'I have been using the Schwamborn DSM250 Concrete Grinder for over 6 weeks and the time saved and the flexibility in preparing surface edges has reduced time on site. Thank you to the team at All Preparation Equipment for their excellent ongoing service and advice.’ It’s not only internal demo companies, concreters and floor layers that need to grind. Epoxy Applicator Jamiei K knows what it takes to achieve a beautiful, lasting floor. And his floor grinder of choice? The DSM250 Schwamborn Grinder.  Make your job easy by achieving the best possible finish and key prior to applying any epoxy floor coating.  


When applying epoxy floor coatings to a concrete floor, it’s essential that the concrete is prepared right. Grinding your floor with one of our concrete floor grinders is one of the best ways to ensure you get a good key on the floor for the coating to hold on to.

There are other alternatives that can be used such as acid etching, shot blasting, scarifying or scabbing, however, they’re not the most ideal or effective because of the finish, mess and scratch pattern they leave.

Whether we like it or not, concrete floors are prone to imperfections. Cracks, stains and chips show up over time and have a damaging add-on effect to the epoxy floor coating when applied, leaving your new surface wide open to worsening damage and long-term problems.

This is why it’s critical that your floors are prepared correctly, before the coating is applied. The ultimate goal of concrete floor preparation is to make sure your newly-applied epoxy coating looks fantastic and lasts for a lifetime, and choosing a quality floor grinder plays a major part in helping you achieve this.




Concrete grinding with Schwamborn stand up floor grinders is faster, cleaner and more effective. They allow you to get the exact grit and bond of diamond you need for a good, consistent scratch pattern. The Knock on Shoe system diamonds from a PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) allow you to remove any old coating, membrane or glue on your surface.

Or try the 16/20 Grit, which allows you to grind the floor fast and clean of any laitance or adhesive that may be left from your initial grind. No two concrete slabs or subfloors are the same, and the Schwamborn range is wide enough to meet the demand for any floor you come across. Then, once the floor is repaired and the epoxy coating applied, you’ll be left with a stunning, smooth and polished floor for years to come!

Of course, choosing the right coating is also important – but that’s another subject for one of our next posts. If you have any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact our friendly team tdoay!


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