Are you really getting your floor preparation done in the fastest possible time? All Preparation Equipment offers the range of Schwamborn concrete floor grinders to contractors needing speed, efficiency and reliability on site.

The Schwamborn DSM400 Floor Grinder is now available in 240V and 400V in order to meet the demands of every project site. Ideal for a light grinding, glue removal, removing high spots or getting a good key for applying your next product. With multiple applications, this machine has proven to be the perfect machine for any serious contractor.

This machine is widely used in asbestos removal, waterproofing, floor preparation, leveling, removal of stencils, epoxy and adhesives.


Schwamborn Grinders take a knock on grinding shoes to ensure you get the longest possible life out of each set and to ensure the fastest possible grind on every hardness of concrete floor.   Schwamborn Grinders are made to be user friendly with a quick easy tool exchange.

Schwamborn also provides a range of diamonds for all flooring applications including PCD's for rapid coating removal through to finer grit diamonds for high end polishing. Never in flooring are two floors exactly the same, for this reason Schwamborn has created a comprehensive range of diamonds suited to any application, which is why the major flooring retailers use Schwamborn.


The DSM400 operates with a single base plate making it the machine to be most effective when a quick turnaround is required. Want to reduce these costs talk to one of the Team at All Preparation Equipment on how a Schwamborn machines can greatly reduce this so you can get the most out of each job. Wanting to speed up doing floor preparation? Or are you still grinding with an angle grinder on your hands and knees?

See what it takes to improve your production by calling the Team at All Preparation Equipment on 1800 422 992 for free advice today.


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