Polishing concrete floors is an art. It requires skill. It needs the right equipment, the right process and the right product to apply for an end result.

Crete Colours International has a complete chemicals system for polishing concrete like no other on the market. Read on to find out more on the impressive C2 Polishing systems' range.


Following the system of preparing the concrete, hardening the substrate, decorative concrete, protecting the concrete with a sealer and maintaining the concrete, C2 Crete Colors products boast longevity and easy maintenance for years to come.

Recently being specified in a number of large commercial warehouses, factories and shopping centre projects the C2 Penetrating Sealers is designed to perform and perfect polished concrete floors.

Drop a message on the contact page - All Preparation Equipment with the details or specs for your polished concrete flooring job to discuss ways to get your floors shining shiner.


Step one of the concrete floor polishing process is to make certain that the concrete substrate is clean, oil-free and free of any stains. Our products are designed for the preparation of concrete floors.




Step two of the polished concrete flooring process is to harden, desify and impregnate the concrete floor surface. Crete Colours International has designed the C2 Concrete Polishing system, formulated with premium lithium technology, creating an exceptional shine on any polished concrete floors.





After the hardening and densifying process on concrete floors, they are ready to be decorative. If the decorative concrete flooring look is designed we have the ability with the C2 Crete Colors system to add a custom or artistic aspect to concrete flooring, through a colour or extraordinary sheen.





Step four of the C2 Concrete Polishing Process is to protect the floor. After investing in chemicals to polish the concrete floor and grind it back to expose aggregate or stone as your customer designed it's important to protect the concrete substrate from harmful elements to prolong aging and getting a longer life out of the floor. Protective sealers include the impressive C2 Seal and Ultra Seal.




Step five in the C2 Crete Colours Concrete polished flooring process is the maintenance. This system stands out as being so unique because of it's easy maintenance products. Regular upkeep on a C2 Polished Concrete Floor will extend the lifetime of the concrete, reducing the costs of re-treatment, removal of the coating or sealer and increase the longevity of the surface.

We're only a phone call away to help you produce, perfect and maintain your polished concrete floors, call one of the Team on 1800 422 992 today.

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