Dust Extraction for Jackhammer Trolleys that Actually Works!

Jackhammer DustIf you've ever been behind a jackhammer, you'll know all about the poor air quality and visibility that goes with it, but no more...

Introducing a revolutionary new solution for controlling dangerous silica dust - the Vacuum Attachment for Jackhammer Trolleys. This game-changing attachment with the aid of your H-class vacuum system provides on-tool dust extraction at the source. With this easy-to-install Vacuum Attachment for Jackhammer Trolleys. Keeping work areas safe and free from airborne contaminants has never been easier.

Dust extraction for jackhammer trolleys is something that's been extremely lackluster for a long time, so when Makinex approached us to help in the development and testing of the new attachment, we jumped at the opportunity. Straight away we had a few customers in mind that we knew were in dire need of working dust extraction for their jackhammer trolleys. So with their help, we were able to achieve the level of R&D that's needed to make a dust extraction system for jackahmmers that actually works. Realistically, saying it "actually works" is underselling it. The attachment was so good in fact, our customers didn't want to give the proto-types back after testing.

Close Up of Jackhammer Vacuum AttachmentThe end result is a Vacuum Attachment that's made with highly durable stainless steel that ensures its longevity and reliability, even in the harshest of conditions. It's easily adjustable which allows the user to the find most efficient extraction spot regardless of the type of flooring material that's being jackhammered.

All you need to do is loosen the two hand bolts and move the head as close or far as necessary to the jackhammers impact site. This will ensure quick extraction of harmful silica dust and a clear view of the working area.

The Jackhammer vacuum attachment connects directly to a 38mm hose as well as 50mm hoses with the use of an adapter. Meaning no matter which size H-class vacuum you're running, you can be setup in no time with this vacuum attachment for jackhammer trolleys.

Right from the very first time you use the new attachment, you won't want to go back to jackhammering without it. It's the perfect combination of effectiveness, convenience and durability. Make sure you're equipped with all the necessary tools for a clean, safe workplace. 

With this Vacuum Attachment for Jackhammer Trolleys, TOUGH JOBS MADE EASY

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