Dust will be produced when you’re grinding, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to reduce its effects.

Choosing a quality angle grinder dust shroud is a great start. But what makes a good dust shroud, and how can you select the right one for your needs?


Not only does a lack of dust mean better health for both you and the environment, but there’s also a significant dollar cost attached to keeping dust under control.

Dust shrouds for angle grinders can provide longer life for your diamond grinding wheels in two ways: not only do they save hard abrasive wear, but they also remove all harmful dust from around the grinder while you work.

Every All Preparation Equipment shroud features a standard size dust port, making them easy to connect to most brands of vacuums for simple dust extraction. And with dust shrouds in sizes ranging from 4” up to 9”, there’s one to fit any popular make of angle grinder.


When you’re hard at work preparing surfaces for new applications, it’s easy to get so carried away with the job that you begin wearing away your valuable dust shroud itself!

A more economical alternative to constantly grinding away your dust shroud is to go for a model that uses a replaceable skirt. That way, a metal shroud that’s a little more expensive to buy initially can actually be the more cost-effective option. It’s an easy way to protect your investment.


When you’re grinding, a lot of dust is created as the bond on the diamond grinding wheel wears away and allows the diamonds to resharpen. To ensure you get the maximum life out of your diamond, you have to collect this dust effectively.


To help you do this, we’ve put together our dust control package, which can set you up with a complete system ready to take directly to the site so you can work dust-free. The package includes a Starmix ISP1435 Permanent Clean vacuum with a Supa Separator vacuum system, which will take the bulk of the dust. 

Starmix vacuums are renowned for their constant suction, and this 35L unit boasts a permanent clean feature that ensures the filters stay clean for the longest possible time. We recommend running a separator with any vacuum to handle around 80-90% of the dust you create, for a more efficient way to work. Find out more about separators here.

With larger volumes of concrete floor preparation, levelling and concrete floor grinding projects you will require a larger vacuum that has stronger suction and also runs Longopac or Continous bag drop down system. 

The Dustcontrol SE range of vacuums, designed and manufactured in Sweden have these capabilities, the most popular conected to angle grinders and hand held power tools is the DC1800 single phase vacuum (which has the option of a fixed vacuum drum for the collection of dust), the Dustcontrol DC2900L Longopac Model (which has the option of individual bags 'Intellibags' and the option of a drum for the collection of dust and onsite cleanup materials.

Stepping up in production, suction and capacity is the Dustcontrol DC400L Tromb Vacuum setup which is one of the most popular for contractors also using it with a stand up concrete floor grinder in any of the single phase range. 


The All Preparation Equipment team can give you the right advice to choose the dust shroud for grinders you need for your job. Find out more about our range here or contact a product expert now.

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