Dustcontrol. For easy, effective and efficient control of concrete, construction and dirty air. Dust control made easy. In today’s fast paced construction environment dust control is becoming more and more necessary both as from the source extraction and control as well as onsite controls for any other airborne dust.

When running a concrete floor grinder, be it a single phase concrete grinder or three phase setup dust control is critical. Concrete dust is dangerous and must be controlled. Working with Dustcontrol from Sweden, All Preparation Equipment is set to help contractors and construction industry professionals CAPTURE DUST FROM THE SOURCE.




With a complete range of concrete dust vacuums, H-Class Vacuum, M-Class Vacuum and  air scrubber setups, mobile dust extractors, vacuums for angle grinders and hand held polishing tools or machines for the use in benchtop polishing or GFRC applications, through to dust shroudscollars and covers for jack hammers and demolition projects the Dustcontrol Vacuum and Extraction range has you covered.


They don’t stop there. The range extends to larger three phase Vacuums including the Storm 500 and Storm 700 Vacuums which run complete with HEPA dust extraction and different classifications depending on the unit itself, L, M or H. Air purifiers, cleaners and air cubes are also a part of the range offering an onsite, minimal air and dirty dust control where the air purifier works to circulate the dust through it’s main filters, processing it through as clean, pure air for the site.



Concrete dust and slurry is harsh on your tools and on you. It is 100% critical that dust from your machines is controlled at the source where the dust is created to ensure it doesn’t end up in the air. As concrete and construction dust is often made up of harsh and fine particles it is essential that the correct dust extraction or vacuum source is connected to your concrete floor grinding machine, or any version of hand held concrete floor grinding or polishing tools to control it.


By having a strong, efficient dust control or extraction vacuum on the job this can eliminate costly clean-up on the job, and ensure that the process of controlling the dust is controlled while you work. If clean up and dust control is not done on the site, you can run the risk of having to vacuum, clean, or regrind later as you don’t see what’s happening while you work.


With a range of vacuums from the smallest little push along or backpack style vacuums, through to the larger three phase 400V concrete vacuums, dust separators and LPG style dust control units there is many options to choose from.

The key is getting the right style and size vacuum for your dust control requirements. Contact one of the team at All Preparation Equipment today on 1800 422 992 to discuss your concrete dust and construction vacuum requirements further.

Some of the range but not limited to are;

  • TROMB DC400L Concrete Vacuum, HEPA filters and Longopac Style Vacuum bag

  • DC2900L

  • DC2900a

  • DC3900L
  • DC3900L TWIN Vacuum and Dust Separator unit, with HEPA filters and Longopac style vacuum bag
  • DC5900L, Three phase Concrete Dust Vacuum
  • DC500 Storm, a 5kW Motor Three phase Vacuum
  • DC700 Storm, a 7kW Motor Three phase Vacuum
  • DC1100 Storm, a 11kW Motor, Three phase Vacuum
  • LPG Storm Vacuum, - powered by LPG meaning you can go almost anywhere!


Along with the Dustcontrol range we also offer a range of simple, vacuum systems including units like the Metabo ISPARD 1435 and ISC50 Single phase vacuums, Nilfisk Single phase Vacuums, Schwamborn single and three phase vacuums, and separator units, the 65L Supa Separator, Pullman Ermator Vacuums including the S26, S36, T7500 models and more.


Air purifiers, controlling the airborne dust

Air purifiers are designed to be used in any construction, building, rectification or refurbishment project often where one or a number of tools are being used as an extra protection and control of cleaner air.

Dustcontrol’s Industrial Air Cleaner units including the AC500AC1200 and the AC2000 offer an extremely efficient and effective way to control the amount of dust particles in your working environment. The DC Dustcontrol Air cube and industrial air cleaner range can work day and night to improve the general air quality and to complement your source

extraction onsite.

  • Connect to single phase power or direct electricity supply to have it clean the air during day or night works
  • Continuously circulating the Dustcontrol Air purifier and Cleaning systems move the dirty air through a large HEPA filter to purifier it as clean air
  • Designed for any construction, refurbishment or building site controlling dust and converting it to cleaner air.


The diagrams shown on Dustcontrol’s website, provide great explaination of how these systems work, http://dustcontrol.com/category/16-air-cleaners.html


Dustcontrol, 45 years of innovation and experience in controlling DUST from the source.

Take a look at the range online, http://dustcontrol.com/category/2-mobile-dust-extractors.html

Whatever material, dust, chips or fumes you would like to remove or transport from or within the workplace, we have the solutions, even in dangerous environments, such as Atex zones. With such a wide range available we have developed a diverse customer base, including clients from construction, heavy industry, aerospace and transport as well as the food industry, to name a few.

Dustcontrol supplies industrial mobile and concrete dust extractors and industrial concrete and construction air cleaners, on-tool suction casings, stand-alone (vacuum dust) separators, cleaning accessories and other dust control solutions. This helps companies worldwide achieve cleaner and more efficient production, in addition to improved product quality.

All of our mobile vacuums and air cleaners are delivered as standard with Hepa H13 filtration and built to Application Class H for hazardous dusts and the most demanding environments. Our vacuums all feature cyclone based separation and are fitted with pleated cartridge filters to provide high and consistent performance in the most energy efficient way. Reverse pulse filter cleaning also means filters can be kept clean without the need for removing them in the workplace. All machines are designed to be as ergonomic as possible, so they are easy to handle, move around and transport, as well as being simple to maintain.

Dustcontrol has over 45 years’ experience in developing high efficiency dust extraction solutions including machines, capture hoods for hand held power tools and fixed equipment and a wide range of cleaning accessories. 


Read more about this impressive company here, http://dustcontrol.com/page/3-about-dustcontrol.html

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