All Preparation Equipment is committed to making tough jobs easy. That is why we have partnered with DustControl™. A leading name in dust control technology, DustControl™ has been in business since 1972.

The company provides various dust control solutions including specialized vacuums and air cleaners built to last on-site. The system developed by DustControl™ is a testament to the commitment the company has to keep the air you breathe safe from invisible dust.

Since 1972 Dustcontrol has been providing the hire industry around the world with a wide range of specialist dust extraction vacuums, air cleaners and extraction guards for virtually every construction application imaginable and are now the preferred supplier for hire companies throughout the world.

We don't just supply tough, hard working tools and equipment from our comprehensively stocked offices. When you buy Dustcontrol equipment from All Preparation Equipment, you'll receive the very best in technical advice, training and customer support.

By running Dustcontrol Vacuum systems, air purifiers and dust extraction systems your dust control onsite are effectively maintained.


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