When you are working on a new construction project or renovation project it’s often the case you are working to tight deadlines, with multiple trades on site including plasters, chippies, electricians, painters, and floor covering installers. This is often when accidents can happen - and you don't want to be left with a hefty cleaning bill from dust, dirt, or damage to the floor coverings.

When you're working around the newly installed carpet, vinyl, tiles, timber floors, or polished concrete, it pays to take out an inexpensive 'insurance policy to protect the new surface while you work.

All Preparation Equipment is well equipped with various surface protection equipment to keep your floor surface clean and neat. Our floor protection film is completely self-adhesive, saving you the time and hassle of taping it down. Its advanced 'high tack' formula ensures it stays in place where you need it, even on very soft or deep pile carpets, for two or three weeks.

However, it is not recommended for wool carpets, but we have our Polyweave product as the best alternative for this. Adhesive protection film comes in a 'reverse roll' (with the adhesive on the outside).


If you're looking for an even stronger way to protect floors, such as during construction or demolition, then the Polyweave roll is the answer. With its ultra-strong surface protection, you’re sure that no amount of stain or dirt will make its way to your floor, whether you're working inside or outside. Other products that you can purchase are clear surface protectors and felt surface protectors or heavy-duty floor protection such as MDF Board or Corflute sheeting for impact and moisture protection.


Floor surface protection products also include:

  1. Corflute
  2. Cardboards
  3. Foam Protection
  4. Honcho
  5. MDF Board
  6. Polyweave
  7. Self-adhesive Film



For any surface or floor protection products needed on your construction, building, or internal demolition projects, reach out to All Preparation Equipment at 1800 422 992 to talk to our friendly staff. Know what you need and are ready to order, go ahead and add the product to your cart and make your purchase online or collect in-store.



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