Ever considered polishing up to 1000m2 of concrete floors in a day?

Polishing concrete floors this size is largely done with a three phase, remote controlled or ride on concrete floor grinding or polishing machine. With the development of the C2 Power Polish system, you can make use of a Ride on Power Trowel with a flat pan, C2 Polishing Pads, and an effective Slurry Management system to achieve a faster, polished concrete floor finish in a fraction of the time.  

C2 Power PolishTM is an easy-to-use grinding and polishing system that adapts to a variety of floor machines, creating a fast and complete process to finish a concrete surface. Utilizing our superior quality and unique design of C2 Diamonds, you can now polish a floor up to 1,000 m2 / 10,000 ft2 in a single day using an ordinary power trowel. C2 Power PolishTM also adapts to fit auto scrubbers or even swing machines.

Why C2 Power Polish system?

  • Low start up costs
  • No expensive mounting accessories to purchase and bring along to Jobsite
  • A larger diamond size means fewer discs needed per machine
  • Faster production rates on larger sqm projects
  • Perfect for new or existing concrete
  • Universal usage. Made to fit a variety of machine types
  • Diamonds have built-in C2 Flex TM for stability on uneven floors
  • 12mm thick diamond height to give longer life
  • Specially designed copper – resin – diamond – matrix for fast cutting depth and giving a longer life
  • Combine with C2 Chemicals for a perfect finished concrete floor


C2 Diamond Polishing Pads,

Our unique 4” diamonds are thicker and wider than the average diamond tooling to cover more surface and increase disc life. Our specially formulated copper resin diamond matrix is designed to be used wet (polishing steps may be run dry) and has no issues withstanding the weight of even a heavy ride-on power trowel. The built-in C2 FlexTM eliminates the need for an expensive mounting system.


C2 FlexTM proprietary high performance foam adds cushion and support to diamonds to evenly profile the surface.

  • Long life discs with a variety of grit’s
  • Choose the disc steps required to customise your finish
  • Lower grit diamonds ie, 50 grit will help to get stone exposure on softer floors
  • Medium – to – hard concrete floors allow the longest possible tooling life

 Click here to view the C2 Diamond Polishing Pads - 

Setting up Ride on Power Trowel Machine to Polish.

C2 Diamonds easily mount to the pan of a power trowel or the pad driver of an auto scrubber or swing machine. Simply adhere our heavy duty C2 Hook Fastener strips evenly to the bottom of your floating pan/pad driver and then stick the discs onto them. Easily switch between grits by removing the C2 Diamonds and replacing them with a higher grit.

Best Practice: overhang the disc slightly outside the velcro line, for easy removal when switching between steps.


 Easy Setup of your C2 Power Polish system,

Using a clean Ride On Power Trowel plate it’s an easy system to get the C2 Power Polish Resin pads setup to get you started,

  • Attach the C2 Hook Fasteners around the edge of your floating pan/pad driver
  • Place the C2 Diamonds slightly outside the Velcro line, for easy removal when changing between grits of the pad

Depending on your machine you will require a different number of pads per head,

  • Ride on Power Trowels 48’’ – 10 Discs per head
  • Ride on Power Trowels 36’’ – 8 Discs per head
  • Ride on Power Trowels 16’’ – 20’’ – 4 Discs per head
  • Ride on Power Trowel sized 14’’ – 15’’ – 3 Discs per head

Auto Scrubber and Swing Machines require fewer Discs per head,

  • 16’’ – 20’’ – 4 Discs per head
  • 14’’ – 15’’ – 3 Discs per head

 Grit Levels in C2 Diamond Polishing Pads,

  • Grits #50 - #200 are a copper resin diamond matrix and are run wet
  • Grits #400 - #1500 are a white resin diamond matrix and can be run wet or dry

Diamond Grinding Discs are being developed to help with even more stone exposure or removing adhesives and coatings on larger floor areas prior to a C2 Power Polish process being completed.



#50 - #200 Lower grits of C2 Diamonds will expose salt & pepper aggregate, remove curing agents and provide deep cleaning of dirty existing surfaces.

Note: Grits #50 - #200 are run wet.

Hardening / Densifying the floor

Use  C2 Hard BlendC2 Hard, or C2 Super Hard to densify your surface. Using a densifier as a part of the C2 Power Polish system creates a stronger surface and elimination of concrete dusting.

Grits #400 - #1500 Higher C2 Diamond grit levels build up the polish and sheen on your surface while gently removing minor debris and surface roughness.

Note: Grits #400 - #1500 can be run wet or dry.


Protecting and Sealing your concrete floor

Use C2 Seal or C2 Ultra Seal for a high gloss finish. C2 Stain Safe or C2 Protector will provide a natural finish along with protection against stains and spills.

For more information regarding the C2 Crete Colors International polished concrete grout, densifiers, sealer, and cleaning and maintenance product range head over to our products pages online at www.allprep.com.au


Choose your cut or stone exposure,

C2 Diamonds are flexible to produce the look you are trying to achieve.

  • Cream polish (no aggregate visible): start at 100 or 200 grit
  • “Salt & Pepper” (small aggregates visible): start at 50 grit

Once your selection is made, ensure that no steps are skipped as this can lead to unevenness in the surface and inconsistent results.

Choose your finish,

The C2 Power PolishTM system allows you to customize the finish of your surface. Depending on which grit levels you select, you can achieve a matte, satin, or high gloss finish:

  • Matte finish: stop at 200 grit
  • Satin finish: stop at either 400 or 800 grit
  • High gloss finish: stop at 1500 grit


To finish the floor and to add stain protection, seal the concrete with one of the below C2 products:

  • Natural finish penetrating sealer: C2 Protector
  • Glossy sealer with superior abrasion resistance: C2 Seal
  • Glossy sealer with better stain protection: C2 Ultra Seal


Obviously, for up to 1000m2 of the concrete floor to be prepared in a day, you need to consider all variables including concrete hardness, any concrete repair works that need to be done, high and low spots in the floor, joint or crack repair, structural damage and other components. Achieving this sort of quantity is possible on new concrete floors where they have been poured specifically to polish, coat, or resurface and have a sound level surface to begin. 


All Preparation Equipment is here to help. Call our team today on 1800 422 992 to discuss your project requirements and setup/configuration of your Ride On Power Trowel unit to help prepare and polish larger concrete floor spaces in a fraction of the time. 

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