The most easy-to-handle FLEX Flextool Giraffe® ever. Great ease of use, surprising versatility and reliable quality –made in Germany: The FLEX Giraffe® Flextool GE 5/GE 5 R is lighter, more flexible and more robust than ever before. And for those who want something even lighter and easier to handle, there’s the FLEX Okapi® Flextool GSE 5 R. With all the advantages of the Flextool Giraffe® GE 5 R – but shorter.

The work of painters, drywall constructors, plastering specialists and many other trades was revolutionised with the introduction by FLEX of the first Flex-tool Giraffe® WS 702 VEA long-neck sander for wall and ceiling working in Europe in 1997. The Flex-tool FLEX Giraffe® is the world’s most widely-sold long-neck sander.

The reliable and proven Flex-tool Giraffe® WS 702 VEA was followed by the innovative and unrivaled Flextools Vario-Giraffe® WST 700 VV.


For the first time there is now a long-neck sander – equipped with a unique interchangeable head system – which can “stretch”. Along with sanding large surfaces, the innovative triangular sandinghead has now also made it possible to seamlessly sand up to edges and into corners. Without the need for a ladder or scaffolding.

This allows for a directfinish of the corners and edges. The Concrete-Giraffe® Flex-tool WST 1000 FV is the result of consequently adapting the technology of the successful long-neck sander to work on concrete, plaster, paint coatings, screeds, both natural and artificial stone, tile adhesives and many other materials on walls and ceilings.


The new small and convenient Handy-Giraffe® Flex-tool WSE 7 Vario is the ideal addition to the Flex-tool Vario-Giraffe®, above all when processing confined spaces and rather small wall and ceiling areas.

To make your work even easier on large surfaces and high ceilings up to 3.20 m, we have developed the mobile workstation for Giraffe Flex-tool GM 320. FLEX now has a unique family of long-neck sanders which can deal with practically all the requirements demanded. An insight is provided on the following pages into the numerous applications for FLEX Flex-tool Giraffe® sanders.


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