As water rises, and falls again then comes time to clean up, repair and rectify the damage that happened. We’re sympathetic with the families and owners affected by the recent flooding in Townsville and helping to get properties back on track, families back together and living in their homes again.

Working with contractors, insurance companies, and builders, All Preparation Equipment has on hand a range of diamond toolingfloor liftingstripping and tile removal equipment and machines ot make the jobs easier.

With the right diamond tooling, attachments and accessories concrete floor preparation, tile, carpet and vinyl removal projects can be made easier, faster and cleaner.

Floor lifting and removal is tough, and that’s why All Preparation Equipment works with companies to help control dust, make for faster, easier, quicker and safer removal in concrete floor removal and preparation applications.

Jack hammer blades, Floor skimmer or mega chipper Makinex Floor Heads, 65mm Chisels and tile breaker attachments make for faster, more effective removal of tile stripping, removal and demolition of floor coverings. Smaller machines include the Makinex Viny Floor Strpiper, Sammy Floor Stripper, Razorback and the National Flooring Equipment 550 Walk along floor lifter. Each of these machines provide a manual removal, and designed more for carpet, vinyl, timber, and parquetry removal.

Self Propelled Floor Lifters include the National Flooring Equipment 5280 and 6280, or 6280HD Heavy Duty removal machines to lift, rip and remove floor coverings effectively.


Floor removal equipment

Floor lifting machines

Jack hammer Trollies and attachments

Concrete Floor gtrniding equipment

Handheld Grinders

Adhesive, carpet backing and vinyl tile removal

Concrete coatings

Waterproofing removal

Floor scraping tools

Air purifiers / cleaners

Dust control equipment

Extraction Fans and blowers for clean air flow



The first step to successful flood clean up is removing all furniture and damaged pieces from the home, office or store. Once all this is out of the way to clean up, then the floor covering, walls and contaiminated areas can be considered. This process is devastating for the home owner, retail store and property manager alike, what ever of the property is saved during the process. 

As the water goes down, the demolition and make over process can begin. 

With the use of the Makinex Jack hammer Trolley and Hikoki (Hitachi) Jack hammer unit the Floor Skimmer and Makinex Tile Smasher Head is used to remove and lift off the bulk of the tiled surface. In the above picture then using the Schwamborn DSM250 Stand up Edge Concrete Floor Grinder, glues, adhesives, tile beddings, high spots, and imperfections underneath can be stripped back to concrete substrate. This process can also remove any impurities that may be in the glue or adhesive under the floor covering which may be contaiminated. 

Often under floor coverings is an epoxy based glue, a polyurethane, a 2 pack adhesives, a trowel on or rubberised style adhesives which often, when ground off using diamond grinding wheels, shoes, plugs or a diamond grinding plate will tend to heat up and reactivate, smearing over the diamond surface. 

To prevent this being an issue, All Preparation Equipment has worked with Schwamborn, the German manufacturing company of the stand up single and three phase concrete floor grinders to ensure any project can be completed in record time - with the right diamond tooling

When considering your glue, adhesive, coating, waterproofing or epoxy removal project, the diamond tooling along with the type and size of concrete floor grinding machine should be a consideration. 

Using a hand held 5'', 7'' or 9'' Angle Grinder is fast, but only in smaller areas. When working to tackle grinding a floor of a house, lounge/ living/ dining or bedoroom areas where vinyl, carpet, timber, tile or parquetry floors have been removed it's no kind mission using a hand held angle grinder setup. 

Stand up grinders including the DSM250, DSM400 and DSM450 Schwamborn Planetary Concrete Floor Grinding machines have been designed to run seamlessly through a house, apartment, or small commercial property. With the use of lower grit diamonds ie, 16 , 20 , 22 or 40 grit diamonds adhesives, and coatings can be ground off and removed effective and efficiently.


At All Preparation Equipment, we're all about making Tough Jobs Easy, and being a game changer. With the introduction of PCD's - (Polycrystalline Diamond Tooling) thicker concrete coating, adhesives, membrane and epoxy removal has been made an easy task .

Grinding in and ripping off (like a knife into butter) the PCD's diamond grinding shoes or wheels allow the product to be ripped off simply and cleanly without it reactiviating, smearing or covering over the standard diamond tooling

PCD's are available in the 4'' (100mm), 5'' (125mm), 7'' (175mm), 9''' (230mm) - takes the same as hte 7'' as well as diamond grinding shoes to suit the Knock On Schwamborn Style, the Husqvarna Concrete Floor Grinders - in single and three phase and other machines including the Cub 250mm Grinding setup. 

Other Grinding machines including the Meteor 250mm Concrete Floor Grinder and Satellite 480mm Grinder, Satellite 760mm Grinder and sizes in between have options of Diamond Grinding conversion plates making them a more flexible alternative and getting you through removal projects faster. 

HTC Concrete Floor Grinders in all sizes from the 250mm  - 450mm - 550mm -650mm machines and Duratiq diamond tooling conversion plates allow a seamless transition to the Schwamborn style diamond grinding shoes. 

Husqvarna single phase 280mm, 400mm and 450mm along with the larger 530mm, 680mm and 820mm three phase and remote controlled grinders also have optinons of conversion plates to make them adapt to diamonds more easily. 


If your looking to purchase a stand up  - concrete floor grinder and wanting to discuss your removal speeds, project or applicatino for grinding off thick glues, adhesives, coatings, membranes, epoxy, high spots or concrete laitance and imperfections, All Preparation Equipment is here to help. 

Call one of our expert team today on 1800 422 992. 


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