Congratulations to Buildcorp on the project at the Garden Kitchen and Bar - Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. Working over 17 weeks , the job was completed in December 2015. The Schwamborn Concrete Grinders were used on site preparing concrete high spots, removing glue, adhesive and paint from the concrete ready for the following trades to come and lay.

To Buildcorp's credit they kept the hub alive during the major resturant refurbishment keeping a 350+ seat capacity while the major refurbishment was underway.

A snipit from the Case Study from Buildcorp is below, (Ref http://www.buildcorp.com.au/uploads/project/case_study/210/Garden_Bar_Ca...)

''Garden Kitchen & Bar is a ‘greenspired’, bot anical-themed restaurant and the sixth project Buildcorp delivered for valued client The St ar Entertainment Group (formerly Ech o Entertainment). Anchored in a garden setting , the 1,000m 2 Garden Kitchen & Bar is located in a position previously occupied by The PA Pub. As part of the works, a side of the building was removed to create an open, indo or/outdoor space including floor to ceiling windows and doors, which also doubled the size the of restaurant’s footprint.

Build corp managed the construction and fit-out of the facility in just 14 weeks. To meet the challenge of keeping Jupiter’s operations in play, careful consideration was given to the staging of the build program to minimise the construction noise and protect hotel guests located directly above the project from any impact of an evening.

Key to the solution was building the structure of the restaurant as early as possible, and only during the day, as this involved higher impact works. Once the structure was built, the premises were completely enclosed which ensured noise from the works was easily managed and remained within the acceptable threshold.

The final weeks of the challenging program saw all hands on deck to complete the striking fit-out in time for opening night in January 2016. Today over 110 local staff are employed in the bustling restaurant and Buildcorp is nearing completion on a second project at Jupiters Gold Coast involving an upgrade to their gaming facilities.''

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