Fast, easy, simple! That's all there is to it when removing floor coverings with a self-propelled floor lifting machine, the Roll RO-2 self-propelled floor stripper.

For removal of LVT vinyl flooring coverings from a concrete substrate/floor, a higher removal performance is required - especially when the floor covering is extremely well bonded with a tacky adhesive. 

That's when the Roll RO-2 self-propelled floor lifting machine arrived at the site. Where other machines tend to slip over the floor covering in an effort to increase the removal pace, the Roll RO-2 floor lifter with its traction plates gained ground quickly.


Getting started on the floor lifting 

A small gap in the floor covering was enough to get started with removing it. No pre-cutting was needed because there was no click connection between individual planks as it was fully bonded - direct stick.

Using the flat double bevelled blade the removal was underway quickly.


In complete control

To ensure no damage was done to the flooring underneath, a flat bevelled blade was used to get in under the covering and bonding. The rubber elements on the tyres ensured the floor stripper could maintain the speed of removal as it moved across the floor.

The powerful 1.2kW  motor gave a striking mechanism drive for the stripper tool with 2,500 beats per minute. Its quiet operation meant the internal strip-out of the floor covering in the make good - retail store could be done at any hour of the day without disturbing surrounding premises.


Easy transport to and from site

Standard transport tyres ensure the machine can be quickly moved to and from sites and in and around the job. When in action, these tyres can be removed to show the full potential of the chain tyres.

With a 250mm wide floor lifting blade, two planks could be removed in one pass. That meant that in just 4 hours, 250m2 of LVT vinyl flooring was removed.


To find out how the Roll RO-2 self-propelled floor stripper could help make your next project a breeze, contact the All Preparation Equipment team online or call us on 1800 422 992 today.


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