Are you considering the purchase of a larger forced action mixer or portable mixing station? Maybe your considering the advantages you get when you buy one of these larger mixers

In this post, we’ll tell you difference between the bigger and the smaller forced action mixers, and what these big machines are excellent at.​


Besides the obvious differences, what else makes them stand out? Are some mixers more appropriate for mixing specific materials, for instance? Do the big machines come with extra equipment as standard, and is it possible to buy additional gear for the large models. 

Let us take a closer look at SoRoTo 200L and 300L Forced Action Mixers.


The big mixers are often used for materials containing aggregates – materials such as raw concrete – which is why they are equipped with rubber blades from the get-go.

The small forced action mixers have mixing arms with steel blades as a standard, and the large ones have rubber blades.

However, the rubber blades on a SoRoTo 400V-model are quite special. When mixing, flexibility is key, and rubber is naturally stronger, since it can stand more pressure. The rubber blades which are used on the 200L and 300 L are made from a rubber mixture, that makes the blades extra durable, so you’ll rarely need new ones.


The mixing system on the larger forced action mixers (200 L and 300 L) from SoRoTo – depicted with the strong and durable rubber blades.​


You can buy the mixers, with exactly the mixing system you want of course – even steel, if that is a better fit for the material you mix.

Many of our customers buy an extra set of mixer arms, so they have a set in steel and one in rubber. This way, they get 2 machines in one – and can mix whatever they want.

Should you use mixer arms with steel or rubber blades for your forced action mixer?



The forced action mixers we call ”small” are the sizes 40L, 65L, 80L, 100L and 120L. We divide the mixers into the “small” category and the big category depending on the Volts and Kilowatts – how big an output they have.

Where the big mixers run on 400V, the small ones run on 240V or 110V.

The big mixers need to be stronger and more forceful, than the small ones. The drum is bigger, and the mixing capacity is bigger.


SoRoTo’s 400V switch with the extra power outlet.

The big models are also equipped with an extra 240v power outlet which can be used for work light, an electric mixer, a vacuum cleaner or a belt conveyor. This gives you far more flexibility with less extra equipment.

Remember to check whether it is allowed to use 240V on your building site.

At SoRoTo we make sure to add as many practical features as possible on our machines. And the features need to be able to withstand the harsh environment, that they are exposed to. They need to work – for a long time.


Some things are common for both the small and the big SoRoTo Forced Action Mixers. Among others is the great focus on a healthy work environment within the design.

We’ve developed the SoRoTo Dust Controller, that can be purchased for 80L, 100L, 120L, 200L and 300L. It works as a mouthpiece for a vacuum cleaner, and is mounted on the inside of the grid lid. With a Dust Controller you reduce as much as 80% of the dangerous dust that is otherwise emitted from the mixer, when mixing dry products as plaster and the like.


The Dust Controller is mounted on the inside of the grid lid. This way, you’ll reduce up to 80%  of the harmful dust emitted.​


We want you to work in a comfortable height. This means, that we make the drum wider as opposed to taller as the size and mixing capacity get bigger. We do that to ensure the loading height remains as low and comfortable as it is on the small mixers.

Just like the small mixers, SoRoTo 200 Litres and 300 Litres are equipped with telescopic legs, to make it possible to adjust to your perfect working height.


The telescopic legs on a SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer are always adjustable by around 20 cm, which lets  you adjust to your perfect working height.​


All SoRoTo Forced Action Mixers are designed to be as easy as possible to move around. The big mixers are therefore also equipped with a line of features to ensure easy maneuvering.

We do of course try to keep the weight on a minimum, but if the machine is to last for a very long time – in rough and tough conditions – it has to be made of iron of a certain thickness, which is heavy. So we give the machines features to make them easier to move around.

SoRoTo 200 litres Forced Action Mixer

The 200L mixer has loading wheels, exactly like the small mixers. This makes it easy to load it onto a truck or a trailer.


SoRoTo 200L weighs 175 kg. It’s a weight that is still manageable – with the optimal balance point,that the machine has. The 200L Forced Action Mixer is in many ways similar to the small ones. The 200L is designed as a cross between the small mixers and the large 300L mixer. We’ve made sure that the tow drive wheels solid PU-foam are positioned somewhat underneath the mixer (like with the SoRoTo 120L Forced Action Mixer), which means that the balance point is perfect when tipping the machine – and even a very light man can maneuver it around. When loading the machine, we do however recommend to men for the job, to avoid any unnecessary, unhealthy lifting.


SoRoTo 300 lites Forced Action Mixer

The 300L is simply too heavy to try and load onto a truck, so loading wheels where never considered when the machine was designed.  Your back should not be exposed to a lift of 249 Kg – even if just tipping the machine.

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