In today's fast paced industry for construction, concrete and flooring a large number of contractors are turning their dry processes to WET - adding water to grindingcutting, coring, drilling and polishing of concrete, marble, stone and terrazo floors.

Making use of the familiar SLURRY SOLUTIONS and control product the Slurry SAFE AR has many applications making it a very practical product for use onsite. 

Based on different appilcations APPLICATION MIXING RATIOS change, 

  • Grinding aid
  • pH reducer
  • diamond tool cleaner
  • equipment cleaner
  • descaler
  • rust remover
  • slurry / concrete dissolver

Designed to be dissolved in a lot of these applications our online guide gives some guidance as to these ratios.- (to be used as a GUIDE only)



Approximate Mixing Ratio Guide:

  • Heavy brick clean: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 5 parts water.
  • Standard brick clean: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 10 parts water.
  • Light brick clean: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 15-20 parts water.
  • Grout haze cleaning: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 10-15 parts water depending on haze build up.
  • Concrete cleaning: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 15-20 parts water.
  • Concrete etching: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 1 Part water or full strength SlurrySafe AR depending on concrete and level of etching required.

Tooling and equipment cleaning:

▪ Same day or following day after use: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 10 parts water.

 Hard dried up slurry/concrete: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 1 Part water or full strength SlurrySafe AR depending on build up.

As a grinding aid: 1 Part SlurrySafe AR to 20 parts water.


NOTE: This will also assist in keeping the bottom of the machine and tooling clean with just a simple rinse with clean water required when finished.

The above should be used only as a guide. We always recommend testing in a small area prior to commencing cleaning to ensure the desired result is achieved. From an application point of view, the same cleaning techniques used for hydrochloric acid should be used when cleaning with SlurrySafe AR (e.g. pre wetting the floor or brick etc. prior to applying SSAR).

In all applications of removing concrete slurry, old concrete, rust or etching concrete surfaces, SlurrySAFE AR by Slurry Solutions is a fast, effective, efficient means to cleaning tools and equipment.


Slurry Solutions SLURRY DRY

Slurry DRY is a bagged product available in the 3.5kg and 18kg bags to,

  • help concrete waste water turn to solids quickly
  • help pass as a safe alternative to landfill disposal
  • formulate a stable, non flowable product from the concrete slurry that’s easy to clean up and dispose of – as well as manage onsite
  • a single grain absorbs up to 300 times it’s weight in volume of pH wastewater – so you really don’t need a lot to make it work!

Explore the SLURRY DRY range online and different bag size options.


Slurry Solutions SEP FLOC


  • replaces high collection, handling, hauling and disposal costs
  • protects from environmental fines
  • rapid separation of suspended concrete mess in water allowing the recycling of water or compliant disposal onsite

Our wet runway vacuum is a smart addition to the fleet helping to control and clean up the slurry from site. The slurry can then be dealt with if collected wet – when it’s in the drum of the vacuum using DRY and SEP FLOC product.

Take a look at the range online.


Discuss your concrete slurry control requirements for site,


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