Tired of being down on the ground, smashing your hands and knees when polishing concrete floors?

Make your life easier and get the job done faster with the Schwamborn DSM250VS stand up variable speed edge floor grinder.

The Schwamborn DSM250VS gets you off your hands and knees so you can grind edges standing up. This means more comfortable edge grinding and little to no operator fatigue.

It’s an excellent alternative to handheld angle grinders and variable speed angle grinders, and it’s the smarter choice for polished concrete contractors and professionals.



  • Variable speed – Stepless speed control from 740 -1500 r.p.m.


  • Stand up configuration – Grind edges standing up instead of on your hands and knees


  • Borderless grinding and polishing – Enjoy direct edge grinding thanks to its pivoting grinding head


  • Water tank – Allows wet grinding and wet cutting


  • Abrasion-resistant wheels – Provides streak-free grinding


  • Diamond floating device – Suitable for a variety of diamond tooling devices and accessories


  • Vacuum dust port – Attach a compliant HEPA/H-class vacuum to enjoy dustless grinding along edges



Perfect for a variety of grinding and polishing jobs

Whether you’re finishing a polished concrete and designer floors or doing professional subsurface preparation, the Schwamborn DSM250VS Variable Speed Concrete Floor Grinder will help you do it faster and more easily than ever.

This stand up variable speed grinder is perfect for:

  • Polished concrete floor preparation
  • Concrete grinding and floor preparation
  • Marble, stone and terrazzo grinding and finishing
  • Removing adhesives, coatings or paint
  • Removing waterproofing membranes

The rimless edge grinding feature also makes it an ideal machine for grinding, screed, asphalt, fillers, natural stone, cast stone, and terrace materials.


Set it up with the right diamond tooling for the job

You can equip the Schwamborn DSM250VS Stand up edge Grinder with a variety of diamond tooling and accessories to get the grinding performance you need.

  • Knock-on diamond grinding shoes – from 16 grit to 300 grit
  • PCD diamond grinding shoes – suitable for tougher and thicker removals
  • Resin polishing pads of all types – mountable on its 3” (75mm) flexible Velcro backing holders
  • Diamond impregnated or Phoenix polishing pads

 Technical data


230 V


50 Hz

Power output

2.2 kW

Working width

250 mm

No. of tools

250 mm

Operating weight

61 kg

Edge distance

0 mm

Tool speed

740 - 1500 r.p.m.

Ø-Dust control

50 mm

Dimensions LxWxH

100 x 40 x 100 cm

Tool mount

ETX1, Velcro


Don't need variable speed or wet grinding features?

If you don’t need the variable speed function or a water feed feature for wet grinding, then we recommend this model’s regular version, the Schwamborn DSM250 Concrete floor grinder.

The Schwamborn DSM250 Edge Grinder offers the same high performance and comfortable edge grinding as the Schwamborn DSM250VS, but without the extra features. It’s an excellent choice for any flooring professional who simply wants to grind edges faster and more comfortably.

We supply both the DSM250 and the DSM250VS Concrete Floor Grinders at All Preparation Equipment, so we can help you get either model at a competitive price.

Get the best machine for edge grinding on polished concrete floors at All Preparation Equipment. If you need help choosing the right machine for your job, call us on 1800 422 992 or send us a message to get expert assistance.

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