Honeycomb Handheld Resin Polishing pads are designed and manufactured based on a high quality diamond and resin technology to ensure the best possible finish, least or (no) possible scratching and best quality shine through each stage.

The honeycomb resin polishing style pad has been created with a flexible back and shape to work around tighter areas, with the ability to be worked on close in along the edges on floor surfaces and around vertical surfaces, across benchtops, stairs or around pool surrounds where the area needs to be refined.

Ideal for dry polishing and finishing on polished concrete surfaces and natural stone. Our Honeycomb Resin Polishing Pads ensure through your polishing processes, with or without the use of densifier, or removal of grout the pad design will ensure the lowest chance of resin burn.

Available in 50# grit, 100# grit, 200# grit, 400# grit, 800# grit, 1500# grit and 3000# grit resins.

The flexible design and style of the Honeycomb resin polishing pads and honeycomb design allows a greater life expectancy and exceptional polish on the concrete surfaces.

Honeycomb resin polishing pads are ideal for edge grinding and edge or surface finishing and also allow a better pattern for dust control and channel for dust extraction. These style 5’’ hand held pads are designed for dry concrete and surface polishing however can work in wet applications as well (just in some applications won’t give as much life).

125mm (5’’) Honeycomb resin polishing pads are suited for use on polished concrete surfaces, GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), hard marble surfaces and natural stone surfaces.


  • Edge Grinding on floors
  • Benchtops
  • Stair treads
  • Feature pieces of natural stone, marble, GFRC or concrete surfaces in statues, tombstones


Our Honeycomb handheld Resin polishing pads are also a great option to use for buffing up and polishing natural stone, marble or terrazzo tiles in bathroom or floor applications where a replacement may have been put.

Honeycomb resin polishing pads are designed to be used on a variable speed, handheld angle grinder.

Common brands include,

  • Hitachi Variable Speed – SP18VA handheld polisher
  • Flextool’s Variable speed buffer
  • Metabo WEV1525 Variable Speed Angle Grinder


Each of these units have different benefits, features or applications they are designed for but natural stone and concrete floors are becoming more and more in demand with a clean, classic design. Regardless of whether you are the builder, the contractor or the home owner, concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain and designed to stay looking sharp for years to come.


Polished concrete floors and natural stone floors are commonly installed in,

  • Residential- Kitchen, dining, living room areas, outdoor living, alfresco dining, entrance ways or main thoroughfares or hallways of a house.- Bathrooms, and wet areas
  • Commercial projects-In lift lobbies, entrance areas of office property, office and reception areas, breakout areas, or through the entire commercial office property.
  • Interior designers, architects and builders are specifying Pyrafloor Polished Concrete more and more through their projects as a cost effective, easy cleaning and impressive looking surface through busy working areas.
  • Retail and shop projects- Polished concrete floors through these areas is one of the most practical surfaces around. Polished concrete floors offer an easy cleaning an maintenance option as well as a simple, practical option allowing for heavy working and foot traffic – with constant flow.
  • Industrial, warehouse and distribution projects- Products including natural stone is not exactly an option in these kind of projects however Polished Concrete Floors, Burnished and C2 Power Polish is the common applications used in these type and size of floor projects. 



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All our Resin polishing pads are available for purchase online at www.allprep.com.au.

100mm Honeycomb Resin polishing pads

50 grit  , 100 grit  , 200 grit  , 400 grit  , 800 grit  , 1500 grit  , 3000 grit  , 


125mm Honeycomb Resin polishing pads

50 grit  , 100 grit  , 200 grit  ,  400 grit  , 800 grit  , 1500 grit  , 3000 grit


No 2 concrete floor polishing, finishing, or resurfacing application are the same. Contact one of our helpful team at All Preparation Equipment today for a quick chat on the best solution for your concrete floor polishing application.

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