Here's a simple how to, step by step guide on Cleaning and Maintenance of your Zipwall Dust Barrier Pole. 

In saying that this procedure may never need to be done, it's largely if product, dust or dirt gets built up on the poles from taking them on and off dusty sites where the dust can hinder the poles free movement in setup and taking down from site. 

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  1. Remove the rubber foot. With the middle tube unlocked, use it to tap the foot out by sliding it toward the foot and letting it hit with some force.

Doing this will loosen the foot and make it easier to pull it off by hand.

  1. Loosen the middle collar. Slide the small tube so its collar is about five to ten inches up from the middle collar and then lock it in place if you can. If not keep it extended loose.

Then with the middle tube unlocked, slide it so the bottom of the middle collar hits the top of the largest collar. This will tap the middle collar loose. The middle collar is the only collar you will need to loosen. The middle collar will stay on the small tube.

  1. Remove the tubes. Small tube first then the middle one.

Slide the small tube out from the top of the pole first. When you slide it out you should find a vinyl sleeve that floats between the two tubes and at the end of the tube you will see the cam, and the cam ring.

Next, slide the middle tube out from the bottom of the large tube. You should find the same vinyl sleeve, cam, and cam ring only a bit larger.

  1. Clean the cam, cam ring, vinyl sleeve and the aluminium tubing. Before you remove the ring from the cam notice the tab on the cam and the notch on the ring and how they work together.

This will help when you put it back together. Remove the ring from the cam and clean both thoroughly with soap and water. Clean the vinyl sleeve and the surface of the tube as well. After cleaning, dry them completely before reassembling the pole.



  1. Put the cam rings back on the cams. Be sure the rings turn freely. If they don’t, you may not have the wide notch on the ring lined up correctly with the tab on the cam. The tab on the cam should not be at the opening of the ring.
  2. Slide the middle tube in from the bottom first. Slide the vinyl sleeve in between the two tubes. Be sure the sleeve is clear of the cam ring. Extend the middle pole out and twist to test the locking system.
  3. Put the rubber foot at the bottom.
  4. Slide the small tube into the middle tube from the top. Slide the vinyl sleeve in between the two tubes. Twist the small tube to test the locking system.
  5. Reattaching the middle collar. Press the middle collar onto the middle tube as far as you can by hand. Then tap it lightly to secure it in place. It is unlikely that you will be able to get the collar to the same spot as we get it during manufacturing.

There for you will notice that the collars are not spaced the same as they were before the repair. This will not affect the function of the pole.

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