Accidents happen. That’s why it’s essential to be prepared onsite for every phase of the project. Protecting new and existing flooring and surfaces is a must have during any refurbishment, demolition, repair or construction project.


At All Preparation Equipment, we’ve put together a range of products essential for covering all your bases onsite as well as further improving your image to clients, saving time and money in clean-up costs and meeting stringent health and safety demands. Corflute sheeting is a lightweight and versatile product, with twin wall construction to enhance the impact protection on surfaces as well as sound protection and waterproofing. Easy to cut, fast and easy to lay, corflute is the most economical solution to laying over large floor areas.  



For protecting floor surfaces, such as carpet, during refurbishments industrial strength, heavy duty and tear resistant self-adhesive film is a tidy and easy option. The customised self-adhesive surface allows the film to lay neat and tight against skirtings and around columns. Self Adhesive film comes in rolls that can be reverse rolled out onto the floor covering to install it. Once laid the adhesive floor film will stay in place during your refurbishment or reconstruction project.    


Polyweave, the economical solution for laying over finished floors and vertical surfaces, is a double laminated polythene floor saver, woven for superior strength, durability and tear resistance. Providing a complete barrier against spills and wet foot traffic, Polyweave is also coated anti-slip for safety on site.  


Using the latest technology in floor protection, SupaBord provides a balance of vapor permeability, durability and strength. Developed to withstand the demands of the construction industry, each roll covers 30sqm, giving you more for less – superior . Quick and easy to fit and install, SupaBord is a breathable, spill resistant and heavy duty floor protection made from 100% recycled materials.       

Last but not least, when using CorfluteSupaboardRambord, Corrugated Cardboard, Polyweave and Foam Surface Protection products, remember your Cloth Tape! Made from a strong, flexible cloth backing with high strength grip adhesive, APE Cloth Tape has multiple applications and can be used almost anywhere.


It always counts to go that little step further and ensure everything’s covered! Talk to one of the experts today to learn how you can better protect your floors onsite – 1800 422 992.    


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