It’s all happening at Lismore Hospital. Here’s another 2 Portamix Hippo Mixers on their way to prep the floor. Keeping the boys mixing on site, these are the first two from the shipment received this week. Stay posted for more pictures of this project.

Hand held mixers are tough hard work, especially when you’re mixing more than 10 bags of floor levelling compound, or topping. Portamix Hippos are the fastest way to consistently mix any floor levelling compound. Successfully mixing brands such as Sika, Ardex, Bayset, Parchem, Construction Chemicals, Mapei and Flowcrete these systems can keep your job on the run.

On site, no time is to be wasted and the product needs to be mixed and applied right the first time. The Portamix Hippo has been designed for usability meaning every minute on site is efficient as possible.

With an increase in size from the 70 – 80L, an improvement in the paddle helix / shear bar design, and dust port on the bucket this ensures mixing bulk product or levelling compounds including,

  • lower viscosity screeds,
  • underlay,
  • textured coatings or adhesives
  • concrete floor epoxies,
  • epoxy resins,
  • self-levelling floor compounds or
  • pre-tinted material which mixes quickly and effectively.

One mix after the other, these machines are a work horse. Taking up to 6 bags at a time they cut up to 33% labour costs and mixing time. The balanced design of the frame and cradle means you can mix and pour it directly to the floor without having the unnecessary issue of product sloshing and being splattered down the side of the drum like some alternative mixing stations on the market.

Mix, transport and pour directly to you floor!

If you haven't yet seen what the Portamix Mega Hippo Mixing station can do take a look at what customers are sayign about it online. With the ability to mix larger batches, faster and ensure a seamless consistent product to apply the Portamix Mega Hippo Mixer is leading the industry in floor prep and levelling.

Contact the concrete equipment team at All Preparation Equipment today to discuss your project requirements further, 

ph. 1800 422 992 

web. www.allprep.com.au


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