Concrete Floor Polishing


Crete Colours International has developed a range of maintenance and cleaning products to be used on any polished concrete flooring surface to maintain, clean and enhance floors, keeping them looking stunning for years to come.

Everything needs maintenance
Fortunately, your Crete Colors? the finished concrete floor needs less than most. There are three basic parts to keeping your new floor in top condition:

  • Cleaning
  • Refreshing/Revitalising
  • Testing

Cleaning is obvious. Daily sweeping or mopping helps keep dirt and grime from building up. Of course, clean up spills of anything as soon as they happen.

In cleaning hard surface floors there are 3 common ways of cleaning polished concrete floors.

  • Sweeping on a regular basis depending on traffic volume. Sweeping removes parties that act like sandpaper to polished concrete floors with standard foot traffic.
  • Mopping is used for spills or smaller areas. The key is to mop up any spills as soon as possible. C2 Maintenance and C2 Clean satchels have been designed to use in a 20L bucket of water where mopping is the best possible method.
  • Auto Scrubber. Across commercial, industrial and warehouse floors an AutoScrubbber is the most common cleaning tool. Auto scrubbing machines give a strong consistent clean and take 1 -2 of the C2 Maintenance or C2 Clean satchels per clean.

All Preparation Equipment in working with Crete Colours International from America, the system offers an effective, affordable cleaning system which can, in turn, be used on any polished concrete flooring surface.


how to maintain polished concrete floors

Advantages of the C2 Crete Colours MAINTENACE and CLEANING products;

  • Maintains concrete floor hardness and shine
  • Flexible dilution for both surface cleaning and deep cleans
  • Readily biodegradable. Low toxicity.
  • No rinsing needed for routine surface cleaning of floors.
  • Available in convenient pre-measured 120mL packages for easy dilution and use in commercial / industrial cleaning in auto scrubbers
  • Ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial
  • Removes most common soiling

All Preparation Equipment distributes the C2 range of products throughout Australia. With a showroom based in Sydney and Brisbane and an Aust wide freight network, you can receive C2 products in a very quick turnaround time. Talk with one of the team today to discuss how you can be making your cleaning and maintenance of polished concrete floors, more effective.

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