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Commercial floor stripping is a tough job. Regardless of the size and type of floor covering removed. We work closely with contractors ensuring they use the best, most economical and most efficient equipment for their internal floor stripping and concrete preparation jobs. Watch the National Flooring Equipment machines strip, lift and destroy flooring fast here. ..      

Stripping off floor coverings including ceramic tiles, tile bedding, vinyl floor covering and vinyl tiles, carpet flooring, timbers, and parquetry is a tough job, on you and your team if you don’t have the right tools. .

We’ve setup thousands of contractors doing internal demolition, asbestos removal and floor stripping projects with machines to lift and remove the floor covering itself and grind, prepare and level the floors ready to relay. Contractors using gear from All Preparation Equipment for their commercial floor stripping and concrete floor grinding projects work right across Australia, Sydney to Brisbane, and Melbourne to Perth we supply the equipment to get the job done!   

National Flooring Equipment offers a wide range among the most popular floor stripping and concrete floor grinding equipment is: Self-Propelled  Stripping machine. In their range is the 5280 and 6280 Self Propelled floor Scraping Machines. Both these machines provide production, performance and reliability in defit, stripout and make good projects on Carpets, Vinyls and Timber floor coverings. See them in action here,

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make any tough job easy. Lifting up multilevel floor coverings, in a commercial defit, fitout or stripout project is so much faster, easier and simplier on a ride on floor stripping machine. See the machines in action here,

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 Ro2 The Self Propelled Floor Lifting Machine – this machine is a beast and works the fastest any self propelled mechanical floor lifter is known to. Once the floor coverings are removed next comes the concrete grinding. Removing glues, adhesives, high spots, or coatings from the concrete, preparing it for a relay. When it comes to selecting the right machine to use; Schwamborn German built Concrete Floor Grinders lead the way in performance and production.

From the smallest of single phase DSM250 250mm Floor Prep Grinding Machines to the largest three phase Remote controlled DSM800RC Schwamborn Concrete Grinder, the range has been designed to meet the toughest of concrete preparation jobs.

Multilevel office strip out projects, End of lease fitout projects, Defits in commercial buildings, industrial sheds and warehouses and internal strip out in nursing aged care homes, hospitals and school or government buildings is where you see these grinding machines most.


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At All Preparation Equipment we're here to help you get the most out of your projects - spend less time on site - make more money - and do your removal jobs faster, easier and safer. Helping to make your tough jobs easy, give us a call on 1800 422 992. 


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