Zipwall Temporary Dust barriers and privacy screens are a popular solution for any building, construction or renovation site.

Even more in demand since CoVID the Zipwall barrier and spring loaded pole system has been used to hold plastic in place and ensure social distancing is maintained along with maintaining a separate working area from those around you on a building site. 

Here's a simple guide for setup of your new system, 

  1. Attach the head assembly to the pole and then slide the Non-Skid plate to remove it from the head 
  2. Clamp the plastic temporary dust barrier sheeting or screen yo uhave purchased for the application between the two piece head assembly and slide the pegs into the keyhole slots to lock it in. 
  3. Unlock the pole by twisting the inner pole, then extend it up to the ceiling with the plastic attached. 
  4. With the foot of the spring loaded pole on the floor, press the spring loaded head of the pole against the ceiling and then twist in a clockwise direction to lock 
  5. Ensure the plastic is not sagging between poles, and release then pull tight if required 
  6. To secure the sheeting at the base, lift each pole and pull the plastic under the foot plate to make sure it's a tight fit. 
  7. You are now ready to being working. 

If you need other attachments or more Foam Rails and new clip feet for your poles to secure the plastic tight at the base contact the team at All Preparation Equipment or find the exact part you need in our Zipwall Dust Barrier category. Click here to view or shop the range. 

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