Polished concrete floors are an alternative to traditional floor coverings. Being a low maintenance, cost effective and versatile solution it is being used in place of vinyl, carpets, tiles, timber and linoleum on a good number of residential projects. Check out a recent project polished, ground and prepared with the Schwamborn planetary floor grinder. . Working with an effective cross over pattern this area of floor was prepared to create an open spacious environment in the house, while having a stylish gloss finish.

Being so hardwearing it doesn’t matter what may roll across the surface, the floor is still easy to clean. This polished concrete floor is achieved by using diamond grinding shoes to remove the initial surface of the concrete surface to open and expose the aggregate in the concrete substrate. Following this process the liquid polymer Grout solution is applied to the floor. The Schwamborn grinder is then used in conjunction with the grout to fill imperfections, pin holes and minor shrinkage cracks in the surface.

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Throughout this process the diamonds used created a number of swirl marks and scratching. These are removed with finer diamonds before polishing up the floor further with resin pads. Using the STRIDE Concrete densifier (a Potassium blend followed up with Lithium) to harden the surface ,the concrete is worked through each stage of resin bond polishing pad, that helped to it brings up the shine in the concrete.

All Preparation Equipment, the specialist supplier to the flooring industry has put together an easy Step By Step Concrete Floor Polishing guide to ensure you get the process right in polished concrete flooring. If you’re getting a new concrete floor placed and formed it’s essential you start that process right.

If you are intending to pour a new concrete floor, ensure the concrete is no less than 32MPA. This compressive strength of concrete and higher will give a better finish to your polished floor.

Softer floors, 32MPA and less are often easier to cut through but harder to polish and require Densifier to be put over the surface to strengthen or harden it. This is one of many tips for pouring of polished concrete floors our comprehensive guide online shows you other things to consider in this process.

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