Manufactured in Sweden for over 30 years, the unique Longopac solution is a flexible and continuous bagging system. Longopac is efficient, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Available in a wide variety of applications across countless industries.

The system is an efficient method of handling waste, reducing labour and increasing recycling. – ideal for use in supermarkets, manufacturing, hospitals, food industry, hotels and the retail trade. The unique Longopac solution is a flexible and continuous 110 metre bagging system. Available in 6 colour to be able to distinguish between different waste and disposal products.

RETAIL / SUPERMARKET waste management solutions Take for instance at a traditional grocery, vegetable green grocer or department store. The types of waste vary from plastic bottles, cups and cans to extra leaves from lettuces, onion peels, and corn wrapping through to clips, tags, and bags.

Each of these have different means of disposal and in some instances reused for recycling measures. Our coloured disposal waste bags ensure you can do this in the most cost and time efficient manner making the process and cost for waste disposal more effective.

HEALTH CARE / EMERGENCY / DOCTORS / SPECIALISTS short waste management and disposal solutions In the healthcare industry life is fast paced, lives are at risk and all measures of caution are to be used. By using the continuous bagged bin system you can safely, easily and quickly disposal and seal away rubbish.

If it's contagious health issues like the COVID19 Epidemic disposal of the waste product correctly is absolutely critical to the success of controlling the curve and helping from the disease spreading. Different coloured bags or bins can be used in the instance of an emergency department through to outside wards, in hallways, entry/exit points, preparation rooms, theatre and other areas for easy and effecient waste disposal.

  • Save Money with Longopac Variable sized bags are always 100% full – no bag wastage.
  • Reduce your bag usage by 6-7 times.
  • Reduce waste collection costs. Strong liners mean there is no need for double-bagging.
  • Rapid emptying and re-lining means improved productivity and reduced downtime. The Maxi size holds 166% more volume than a standard liner.
  • More waste disposal per bag = better value for money. Reduces risk of staff illness and absentees, by improving hand hygiene.
  • Less time wasted and less re-training costs. Less risk of back injury claims as you unload the bin from the side, not the top – easy on your back.
  • Now available with a choice of liner cutter: scissor or safety cutter (Floor Standing Bins only).

Most hygienic bins in the world Smarter Waste Handling That's Endlessly Clever The endless bag technology ensures you only throw away the part of the bag you have filled.

Creating the most environmentally friendly way to bag waste. Both ends of the bag are sealed and your new bag is always in place. Longopac stands have been designed to suit sectors type.

The range includes 15 types of stand, three different sizes and 6 variations of bag colour.

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