Introducing the New Dust Shroud: Control Dust While Cutting Concrete, Stone and Materials

On demand is the AirDUSTER and AirCHASER dust shroud designed to control dust from the source while you work. Designed with an aerodynamic grid, these angle grinder dust shrouds largely provide air induction to the cutting zone cooling the blade, increasing its lifetime and cutting speed. 

Due to the strong turbulent current your vacuum will control the dust while you work as the dust is forced through the shroud and driven directly to the vacuum dust extractor you connect to it.

As a universal fit, Australian contractors are loving this new design as an upgrade from most other conventional styles which have been available to date. The concrete grinding dust shroud covers can be purchased online at or talk to one of the All Preparation Equipment team on 1800 422 992 about your application and which shroud will suit best.

Since introuding these newer style dust control shrouds, casings and connections contractors have been taking advantage of effective ways to control dust onsite. 

  • Drilling concrete walls, floors, ceiling repairs 
  • Cutting concrete, masonry and tiles
  • Cutting stone, marble, and porcelain
  • Grinding concrete and stone floors and wall areas
  • Polishing concrete, stone and marble surfaces. 


All Preparation Equipment is an Australian owned and operated company, working with concrete, flooring and construction companies in the industry for over 15 years and has introduced this shroud from industry feedback. The key benefits this new dust shroud cover gives is, you have better view of the cutting zone, effective cooling of the diamond cutting blade while you work and works efficiently with a low power vacuum cleaning or dust extraction system.

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