It's not everyday you take photos while doing the groceries but this was one we just couldn't resist! Using the All Preparation Equipment Polyweave plastic protection rolls, it's obvious this Project Building Team knows how important it is for clients to operate "business as usual" while undergoing refurbishments.

Polyweave the temporary surface, floor and wall protection that wins every time. By using this plastic woven sheeting it is a definite way for builders to gain repeat, reliable barrier connected to the Zipwall Dust Barrier system.

The Fresh Food People know how important it is for the shop to run smoothly during major refurbishments, which is why the Polyweave plastic woven rolls were used to create a temporary dust barrier / containment hoarding system during renovations to a new isle.

With optional sizes of 1.8m or 4m wide the Polyweave woven plastic gives you the chance to roll out as a barrier, roll across a new or existing floor covering or use as a dust control system in any refurbishment project.

Have a similar project your needing help to find a product that will work best? Call the All Preparation Equipment team who's passionate about making Tough Jobs Easy!

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