Knock On Diamond Shoe Guide

Concrete grinding is made faster and easier when you are using the right machine and attachment. At All Preparation Equipment, we have the best line of machines that you can get to boost your productivity on-site. However, another deciding factor when it comes to grinding is if you are using the right grinding shoe for your machine. Different floor types require different grinding shoes, and that is what we will talk about in this blog. Continue reading below to learn more about the various things that you should know about Knock on diamond grinding shoes.


Grit is the size of the diamonds in each segment of the shoe. It means that the grit is the one responsible for the finish of the concrete. Using grinding shoes with low grit will provide a more aggressive grinding process, which substantially cuts down the grinding time. In return, expect more scratches on the surface after the grinding process. On the other hand, shoes with higher grit grind more slowly but produce fewer scratches which means more smooth finish.



The bond factor is self-explanatory since it involves the material that holds the grit together. The principle behind it is that as the bond wears off, the grit becomes more exposed making the cutting or grinding faster. Choosing the bond solely depends on the type of concrete that you’re grinding. The rule here is to choose the shoe whose bond is opposite your concrete. To simplify, if the concrete is Hard then you will need to use shoes with a Soft bond.



Segments refer to the shape and size of your grinding shoe. Aggressive shoes provide more speed while working and are best for cutting, grinding, and removal work. That is why depending on the number of your segments, the finished product can have different results.



Like there are various types of grinding machine, there are also different kinds of grinding shoes that produces different results depending on how and where you use them.



  • Smaller footprint
  • More aggressive cut
  • Better for single-phase grinders



  • Excellent wear life
  • Best choice for single and three-phase grinders
  • Softer bonds (grey and purple) have a single oval-shaped segment



  • Best choice for three-phase grinders due to grinding pressure on each segment
  • Softer bonds (grey and purple) have double oval-shaped segments for a stronger design
  • Excellent wear life – get the most out of your diamonds



PCDs, or Polycrystalline Diamonds, are synthetic diamonds that are stronger than regular diamond grit. They’re not designed for grinding concrete but instead are used for removing thick or sticky products, including coatings, membranes, thick paints, epoxies, or glues from a concrete surface. Instead of grinding down the surface, PCDs work to strip and tear off these substances from the concrete slab, leaving you with a clean surface ready for a new floor covering or finish.



Confused about the type of grinding shoe you need? Then call us at 1800 422 992 and we’ll let you know what will be the best one to use on your concrete floor. You can also start shopping by clicking the links above, and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


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