Nowadays it’s pretty rare that people learn through textbooks. You’ll find training online, through videos, youtube and Facebook, face to face onsite with contractors or training academy’s, through a TAFE Skills Tech course or through manufacture, supplier of equipment.


All this aside, there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty.

Getting on the tools.

Using the equipment, diamond tooling, and resin polishing pads.

Grouting, repairing, patching and preparing a concrete floor.

Applying densifiers, chemicals and sealer.

To actually use the equipment, chemicals and tooling help you understand mechanically polished concrete better than any other. Pyrafloor Polished Concrete training


Join Pyrafloor Polished Concrete Training Academy where you’ll work alongside professional Polished Concrete Contractors who have had years of experience on the tools, for a packed day of supportive training in creating impressively polished concrete floors.

Into its 2nd year, Pyrafloor Polished Concrete Training Academy has trained over 400 applicators and contractors through Free Day Seminars and courses as well as the Hands-On 2 day Polished Concrete Training.


Training School Times and Dates are published via Email, and registration is to be completed via our Online Registration Form, or free call All Preparation Equipment to be put through to one of the Pyrafloor Polished Concrete Academy – Training Team.

Based in Brisbane. Our Polished Concrete Training days are also held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Featuring; an intense 2 days of hands-on – real-life – Pyrafloor Polished Concrete Training. Giving you the opportunity to use the latest technology, proven methods, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines giving you a wide range of techniques, tips and tricks to build on.
onsite we run a wide range of equipment, diamond tooling, resin polishing pads to ensure the right concrete floor surface preparation goes on before the polishing steps begin.


With a close support network, you will be joined to a private group chat where you can ask, share and discuss projects with the confidence of likeminded professionals.

From working closely with our suppliers in product development we have a proven track record in the concrete floor preparation and concrete floor polishing industry being able to offer reliable, ongoing knowledge and support.

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