Lead by Adam Saunders and Daniel Dotta here is another impressive project completed by The Fitout Studio, a team with the desire to create unique and innovating spaces. Meet, The Float Space.


It was only early days in the project when The Fitout Studio approached All Preparation Equipment to discuss their project at The ‘Float Space’ West End, Brisbane where they needed to remove, prepare, level and polish the concrete floors. With the hands on approach from the All PReparation Equipment team one of the boys was on site within days to help with the selection of diamond grinding blades required for the grinding machine The Fitout Studio had on hand.

Working towards a plan, with the right tools, and advice a completion date was set and the project was underway.


In any project preparation of the floors is essential to ensure the desired finish. Across 190m2, in float rooms, the waiting room and reception area and down the hallway areas the existing floor coverings were removed.

From a tough old ceramic tile, cork flooring and asbestos vinyl the floor covering was a tough job, until the All Prep team was able to help recommend tools and equipment to get through the project faster.

By choosing the right diamond tooling on the grinders the guys were able to rip through the glue, adhesive and bedding on the floor to take it back, ready to polish.

The process,

  • First cut was 20 Grit which revealed quite a bit of aggregate. Being an older concrete floor it had a good mix of Brisbane river rock.
  • Second cut was 80 grit to remove scratching and polish.
  • Grouted the floor using Deep Bond Latex, Cement and Grinding dust.
  • Final pass again with the 120 grit for the finish. Grinding with three passes left a good finish on the floor and was the client's intended finish for the project.
  • Finished with a couple of coats of a 2 pack epoxy coating.


A big part of projects like these is to ensure the floor is one that's easy to clean and maintain. Being in wet areas it also had to have an anti-slip to ensure the clients of the Float Space were safe in their visit.

These impressive polished concrete floors serve the centre well making it easy to clean and maintain as well as adding to the ambient atmosphere around the floats.

Today you can stop by the ‘Float Space’ for a look or take a moment to reset with an ultimate method for achieving deep mental and physical relaxation, stress and pain relief. It’s also a great place to go and book a Float for improved sleep, creativity, visualization and accelerated healing.

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The Fitout Studio, is a Brisbane based boutique design - construction company who makes anything possible. With a team driven to succeed in every aspect of design, construction and refurbishment they have innovative ideas, quick response and quick turnaround to deliver large open spaces that will leave you with an area you love to work in.

Functional, Creative and Cost Effective is exactly what they make it, which is a part of the reason why Polished Concrete Floors were created in the Float Space project.

If your wanting your project completed on time, on budget with a polished concrete floor as a part of the finish, have a chat to one of the All Preparation Equipment who can point you in the right direction.


All Preparation Equipment is the Specialists supplier to the construction and flooring industry and would love to help you with your next polished concrete flooring project. Have a chat to one of the team today, 1800 422 992 or drop a line to where one of our friendly, expert team will be able to help you further.

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