Race, pace, resurface. When a local maintenance and property management team were awarded the contract to resurface a part of the stadium at Metricon Stadium Gold Coast, the Schwamborn Remote Controlled Grinder got set to make another tough job easy.

In preparation for a new polyurethane nonslip coating the Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder was used to do the initial grind and prep on the concrete floors for this iconic stadium project.

Opening its gates for the first game back in 2011 the Stadium has been a part of a number of events on the Gold Coast including concerts, festivals, and matches.

Schwamborn is a leading European manufacture of concrete floor grinding machines, concrete profilers and vacuum or dust extraction systems. Having been in the industry for over 80 year Schwamborn takes quality, reliability and efficiencies seriously.

Diamond Tooling - the key to your success

No two concrete floor preparation, grinding or polishing projects are ever the same, especially in the field of refurbishment, levelling or polyurethane coating removal it’s critical to your success to understand your machine, diamond tooling and the differences in hard or soft concrete.

Schwamborn Knock on Diamond Grinding shoes are available in standard diamonds from 16 grit through to 150 grit, along with super super soft through to super hard bond.

In practice the professional runs a number of ‘sets’ of diamonds to use including 16, 20, or 40 grits for the harsher removal and finer grits including 60, 80, 120/150 grit diamonds for smoother finishing.

Deadlines running with diamonds that are too soft or too hard mean lower production or more wear and tear on the diamond tooling and shoes.


Schwamborn Remote Controlled Concrete Floor Grinders come in 2 size options, 650mm and 800mm. offering these two larger sized concrete floor grinders the production rates for concrete floor grinding and floor prep can be dramatically increased.

With the ability to adjust the working speed the direction or swing of the machine, water feed mechanism, weight locations and much more the Schwamborn RC Remote models help you be more productive onsite. Suited to commercial retail and industrial applications the DSM650rc and DSM800RC models grind, level and polish fast and effectively every time.


Preparing concrete floors, grinding concrete and polishing concrete floors is an easy task with the Schwamborn Remote Controlled Concrete Floor grinder as well as a number of other applications, being a 650mm cut the machine is an easy, effective machine to operate and transport around site but more importantly easy to work with onsite.

Ease of access through walkways, doorways and lifts the Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder has been designed in such a way to make for easy business,

Genuine planetary grinder action ensures a higher production rate as the machine itself puts more punch into the floor rather than into the operator. Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinders are a simple effective machine to use and include user friendly features all round.

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