Protecting floors from dust, dirt and damage during construction can be a challenge. Thanks to our extensive range of temporary floor and surface protection anything is possible to prevent damage onsite, prior to handover.

Laying timber, carpet, tiles, vinyl or polished concrete floors – can be protected with similar products depending on the extent of traffic across the floor.

Depending on your requirement and budget will depend on the type of floor protection we would recommend.

  • High traffic
  • Impact production
  • Waterproof floor covering protection
  • Easy to lay

Corflute is your answer. Being available in sheet or roll version the corflute option is a quick and easy installation one. Corflute has a double wall interior which ensures it holds up and withstands heavy foot traffic as well as medium traffic through trollies and rollers through a building or construction site area. Giving a good reliable impact protection floors can be protected against dents, damage or scratching as well.


  • High traffic
  • Impact protection
  • Waterproof / breathable
  • Easy to install

Supabord gives you peace of mind when protecting your valuable floors and surfaces leading the brand of choice for flooring contractors worldwide. There are many temporary floor protection products for spill resistance, quick fit, breathable, heavy duty, 100% recycled and cut and fold up and down treads.


  • Easy application
  • Secure in place where required with adhesive tape
  • Slip resistance
  • Waterproof control, coated anti-slip for safety

Polyweave is an industrial strength temporary floor protection product with double laminated polyurethane floor protection. Woven floor protection gives superior strength, durability and tear resistance and recommended as a low cost effective solution for construction, building and refurbishment projects.


  • Control dirty footprints and entry and exit points of site
  • Entry/exit mat for protection

Sticky floor mats are your answer to protect floor covering and take away dirty footprints from contractors walking in and out of the construction site. Often placed at the entry and exit points of a lift , staircase or building the floor sticky mats are an excellent way to help minimize and control the amount of dirty foot traffic you get walking around the site.




Often in commercial flooring projects the temporary protection solution is provided as a part of the contract. With this in mind we are able to provide competitive, project based pricing.

Often across commercial fitout and construction projects there is a need for a range of different floor and surface protection which we can help you arrange and calculate.

Foams, Felts, Door Jamb Protectors, Tapes, Safety protection, and Glass protection are amoungst a few other requirements found onsite.



Be it carpet, timber, tiles, vinyl, floating floors, epoxy floors or polished concrete – All Preparation Equipment has a complete range of temporary floor and surface protection products to control dust, dirt or damage around your construction jobsite.

Only a phone call away – contact 1800 422 992 today.


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