When called to Qantas Hanger Site in Brisbane to prepare 4000m2 of concrete ready for an application of an epoxy concrete coating, All Preparation Equipment went all the way to ensure the 2000m2 that was estimated was prepared in a day ready for the aircraft to make it’s way back in that night.


The Schwamborn DSM800RC Grinder made fast, easy progress in preparation for applying a coating to the floor. Working closely with the team at IPCQ, All Preparation Equipment helped to ensure the right diamond tooling, and finish was created.



Using the 40 Grit diamond grinding shoes, a single pass removed more than 90% of the coating, to give a good key ready to reapply onto. With all the concrete floor preparation going to plan the second half of the hanger was scheduled to be prepared and recoated the following week.

Diamond tooling is a key in creating fantastic floor finishes. Using the Remote Controlled 800mm Schwamborn Floor Grinder and the Knock on Diamond Tooling system , diamond wear was minimal and across 2000m2 only a few mm of diamond wore, (meaning out of a set you could expect to grind and prepare about 6 times that)!

Obviously with every concrete floor different and no 2 concrete grinding projects the same, means having and choosing the right tool to ensure you get maximum sqm and diamond wear out of every single set!



The DSM250 Edge Schwamborn Grinder took to the edges quickly to make for minimal site works around the corners and edge of power boxes and supply areas. If your wanting to take your concrete floor preparation projects, next level have a chat to the guys at All Preparation Equipment to see how they can help you make use of your current gear to get great results.

Aside from the new edge grinding attachment on the stand up 250mm Grinder, the diamonds could be changed to give the same type of finish and profile around the edges as the Remote controlled Grinder was able to achieve on the main floor.




Connected to each Concrete Floor Grinding system was Vacuums for dust control. Being used in a high profile, airport hanger meant it was absolutely essential to have optimum dust control.

It was a job for us and the contractor, IPCQ who was awarded the project to ensure we met the Safety and Maintenance Standards of Qantas Airport which we were able to achieve and exceed with the use of effective single and twin motor vacuum and dust extraction systems.



Here at All Preparation Equipment, we love taking on tough, challenging projects with tight turnarounds and deadlines. Have a chat to one of our team today 1800 422 992 to discuss your next time critical project - we'd love to help make preparing the floors your success!


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