Recently there has been a demand for commercial floor protection to ensure dirty footprints, heavy equipment traffic and dust doesn’t soil or damaged new floor coverings that are laid or create more work just before handover on existing floors.   What is the best most economical, most effective floor protection? Polyweave leads the way., here’s a few reasons why.  

Puncture and Tear proof, Interwoven, Polyweave floor protection comes in a 1.8m x 100m roll and can be reverse rolled out onto your floor covering to save it from dirt, dust and dirty foot traffic.  

Efficient coverage of large floor areas, Be it carpet, tiles, vinyl, parquetry, timber or linelum Polyweave plastic floor protection is an easy way to cover large areas at a time. Available in pallet buy quantities.  

Waterproof, Plastic woven floor covering is a strong way to protect a floor. We’ve done multiple case studies with water testing and testimonial shows that it holds water out. This is obviously on the conditions that it has not frayed or been purposefully cut prior to applying. Remember; your bettter safe, then sorry.  

Cost effective, Protecting a floor for less then $0.70/ sqm, Polyweave plastic floor protection is the most popular way to protect a floor during construction, reconstruction or fitout.    

Join with any style of tape, Once laid, polyweave floor protection can be joined with a duct or cloth tape to ensure it holds in place while trades or equipment is taken over it.

No adhesion that can stick to the floor, Polyweave or woven floor film has no adhesion on the back of it. as a result it doesn’t stick directly to the floor and is loose laid, then stuck together with dust, packaging or cloth tape.

Limited only to your imagination, Hide and cover up those ugly or bulky structures. We've seen this used in all sorts of places, from a block of temporary hire toilets, scaffold hire, burnt down structure, a privacy barrier used with Zipwall spring loaded poles or whatever you need. No matter how large or small your project requirements may be, our team will work to ensure your floors are protected efficiently, economically and effectively.


Each and every construction project stands on it’s own so it’s important to consider everything that is going to be on site to ensure you get the right one for your job.

In some projects where there is going to be heavy traffic you may need other temporary floor or impact production such as Corflute sheeting, MDF or plyboard, corregated cardboard, a foam,felt or plastic backer. Call our team today on 1800 422 992 to discuss your dust control and floor protection requirements today.

Polyweave floor protection in use - on job ad for Career  


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