PTC makes it’s mark once again, this time in Sydney with it’s addition to their fleet of PINK Schwamborn DSM250 Concrete Grinding machines.

The PTC Group, established in 2010 lead by Jason Chidiac is a company that works Australia wide in Construction services, Post Tensioning, Civil and Structural design projects.



With strong experience in all aspects of design and execution, The PTC Group boasts a solid portfolio of structures including schools, retail centres, residential and commercial buildings. The PTC Group considers no job too big or too small.

Adding to their current fleet of original Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinding machines, came these 2 x Pink Schwamborn DSM250 Grinding machines to continue making tough jobs easy. Alongside perfecting every project they do PTC Group are all the way in supporting great causes.

Take a look online to see their complete range of services and get in contact with one of their Team as you require.



DSM250 Concrete Grinders work dust free when connected to an effective concrete vacuum system. With shroud attachments for grinding in open spaces as well as when doing edge grinding.

Being such a universal grinder you'll find it on a number of construction sites, grinding concrete, removing adhesives, coatings, membranes or glue prior to product being reapplied or even out in the field removing line markings.


German built and designed. DSM250 (250mm) Concrete Grinding systems are built with the operator in mind and featuring;

ETX – Easy Tool Exchange.

Time is money, for this reason our system allows a quick and easy tool exchange.

DIF – Diamond Floating Device
Nothing is worse than uneven surfaces to get a perfect floor finish. Our DIF-System ensures uniform grinding results and reduces the machine vibration in one and the same time.

Using the range of Knock On Diamond Grinding shoes, the Schwamborn Grinder has the ability to remove high spots, grind off line marking, glues, adhesives, membranes and coatings from concrete and do anything in the way of concrete floor preparation.

MOP – Motor Overload Protection
Improved electrical safety and therefore also reliability for our machines when working under heavy conditions.

Have a chat to one of the All Preparation Equipment team today to discuss your upcoming concrete floor preparation, grinding or removal project. 1800 422 992.


Supporting a great cause for Breast Cancer this time. Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinding systems can be customised to any color for your company, or a charity you like to support.

Have a chat to one of the Team today to get the color Grinder you've always wanted,  1800 422 992.

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