More and more people today are focused on their health & fitness and achieving a better lifestyle. So there are thousands of gyms, personal training centres, pools, and arenas being constructed and refurbished every week to meet the demand.

Whether you’re dealing with synthetic tennis court grass, vinyl tiles and sheeting for indoor sports, or rubber matting in a gym, the key to successfully installing commercial sports flooring is quality concrete floor preparation. 

It’s a crucial task that needs to be done right, whether you’re faced with removing and lifting old sports flooring, glue or paint, or levelling and resurfacing the entire playing area.

A recent sports flooring project by an All Preparation Equipment client showed just how essential it is to ensure the correct concrete preparation before applying a surface coating. We took a detailed look at how our client did the job right, first time.


The right concrete preparation is essential before applying surface coatings


In 2010, a (non-All Prep client!) contractor was awarded the job of applying a coating to a tennis court. Unfortunately, their concrete preparation was poor, which meant that just 5 years later, a second project (this time by an APE contractor!) was needed to rectify the job.

Because of poor quality concrete preparation, sections of the court’s coating were flaking off, making not only a terrible sight, but more importantly, a safety hazard for people playing tennis. Clearly the old coating and its failed membrane beneath needed to be removed – but what was the best way to achieve this?

All Preparation Equipment supplied our client with the Schwamborn DSM250 concrete grinder equipped with PCD diamond grinding shoes. Our expert team also supplied advice on the right combination of diamonds for the concrete grinder, to ensure the best production and fastest possible turnaround for the job.


Game, set and match to Schwamborn concrete floor grinders

The DSM250 concrete floor grinder was a huge success. The combination of PCD (poly crystallised diamonds) to strip off the bulk of the old coating, followed by 4060 grade diamonds to level off any excess from the surface, ensured the best concrete preparation before laying the new synthetic covering.

Working in an outdoor arena, our client could easily keep dust under control thanks to All Prep’s Starmix 35L vacuum system and Supa Separator. Disposing of concrete dust was then made easy with Tru Blue dust bags – once each bag was full, they were simply cable zip tied and thrown away, with no mess to worry about.


Before discovering the Schwamborn DSM 250 concrete floor grinder, the contractors had been hiring a concrete grinding system which was set up with only one set of diamonds. That meant the removal process on coatings was slow, tough and tedious.

Now, thanks to the Schwamborn DSM250 concrete floor grinder, they have the freedom of completing any project faster, easier and smarter.

Just as all sports require teamwork, so too does concrete floor preparation and resurfacing. So it’s good to know the All Preparation Equipment team are here to help you do it right! Get in touch now or call us on 1800 422 992 to discuss your sports flooring resurfacing project today.

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