Late nights, long hours, and a short timeframe to get the floor preparation done prior to laying a new covering down means having the right equipment on hand to do it right the first time. 

Schwamborn Concrete Grinders offer a fast, high speed production to make grinding floors, removing glues and getting concrete floors.

Taking production to a new level these Three Phase, German built and manufactured Grinders are being used by commercial floor layers, floor covering stores, fitout and construction companies to prepare floors ready to lay on.

A recent fitout project in Robina Town Shopping Centre, in the heart of the Gold Coast saw the Schwamborn Three phase DSM650S (650mm) Concrete Grinder glide its way across the floor. The contractors were struggling with their previous single phase machine to grind through the heavy trowel marks left by the concretors across 80m2 of a shop fitout.

After spending a number of days on site with their previous machine and a chat to All Preparation Equipment the boys got onto a Three phase machine and prepared the floor much quicker. The DSM650S has a great combination of power, weight and speed.


In a commercial defit, refurbishment or strip out project there’s a few things to consider with your concrete floor grinding machine to ensure you get the best balance of production, power and performance on each site.

No two concrete floors are ever the same which is why you need to make sure the equipment you're using is right for you.

Sometimes a small change in the diamond shoes you are using helps to get a higher performance. On the other hand diamonds including the PCD (Polycrystalline Diamonds) are needed to break through bulk adhesive and glues on the floor.

Depending on the requirement you need to finish the floor at ready to lay on will depend on the diamonds you need to use. The lower the grit the more aggressive the cut, for example in a 16 Grit diamond you will see more scratch marks or a larger scratch pattern then what you’ll see in a 60 – 80 Grit diamond. The higher Grit diamonds are used in Concrete Floor Polishing and help to eliminate the scratch marks and flatten the floor.


Schwamborn Concrete Grinding machines have been built to a standard professional contractors demand and expect and boast a workmanship of success for more than 80 years.

If concrete floor preparation is something you’d like to learn more about, give the team at All Preparation Equipment a call on 1800 422 992. They are out to help make laying floors easier! Working not only with Flooring Stores but also with the layers and their subcontractors it’s all about getting the floor preparation and leveling done right – the first time.

Drop an email to with requirements for your next job, we look forward to helping you out.

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