Rough, heavy, tough. In areas of an old factory floor where high build epoxy was between 5-15mm thick and sections of urethane with no idea what laid below them the answer was in our Super Rhino PCD Diamond Shoes under the DSM400 Three phase Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder.



These PCD Diamond grinding shoes won the day due to being able to control for heavy removal as well as lasting the distance. All up across 2 sheds was around 6000m2.


In concrete floor preparation and coating removal the biggest part of it is correct diamond tooling selection. Across this type of sqm and size project as well as application there is often unknowns in the floor area including dynabolts, rio or any other construction or building product to do with it’s structure that you may come across under the coating. These parts including dynabolts can hinder and damage the diamonds.



The complete range of PCD Diamond Grinding shoes can be found through All Preparation Equipment's website however each one of these coating removal projects is different in it’s own right. PCD Diamond Grinding shoes without the sacrificial synthetic bar and metal bond diamond buttons are the most aggressive style and will leave a very coarse, harsh concrete diamond profile on the concrete underneath.


These tools with metal bond diamonds on the back of the plate and a shear cutting bar PCD Diamond Grinding Shoes allow for fast, harsh coating removal and ensure you get back to bare concrete effectively.


Needing help to grind, prep, and level concrete floors faster, and more effectively than before? Contact All Preparation Equipment today on 1800 422 992 to discuss your project requirements further. 


Want to see a machine in action on your site to see how diamond tools can help you get through your job faster. 

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