Don’t wait until it’s too late. Temporary Floor and Surface protection options allow you to protect your floor areas from dust, damage and debris saving you from damage to the existing surfaces. Paint, Coatings and Glue damages new carpet, vinyl, tiles and tiles.


With our Temporary Floor Protection solutions including Self Adhesive – reverse stick rolls for Carpet and Hard Floor Films allow you to effectively and economically protect newly laid commercial carpets, vinyls, timber and tiles from any dust, damage or debris damaging their surface during reconstruction. Here you’ll see a number of projects where our Hard and Carpet Self Adhesive Film has been used on to success saving from  

  • Damage to the existing floor or concrete surfaces
  • Costly repairs to the existing floor surface
  • Cleaning or servicing fees prior to hand over.

Being designed as a reverse roll, once removed from its packaging and the initial outside plastic cover has been removed the roll can be put in place and rolled out working forward.  


In a larger commercial fitout or reconstruction project self-adhesive floor protection rolls are often used around the external floor areas, beside the walls to hold down other temporary plastics, Corflute, MDF, Ramboard or SupaBord style products that don’t have an option of an self-adhesive sticky backing.  

Used on a recent office fitout project the 1m wide rolls held down Polyweave the temporary woven plastic giving a waterproof, dust proof, cleanable surface. Daily this was vacuumed or broomed down in each area as required.

Being adhesive, it will hold itself to the surface and ensure it doesn’t become a trip hazard when walked over. It also holds strong when equipment, trolleys or frames are rolled over it and means you can keep it in place for longer. *Note, it is recommended not to leave the Adhesive Floor films including products similar to Polystick plastics for long periods of time.

It is also essential they are not exposed to direct sunlight or heat as this may cause the adhesive to come off from the plastic backing.  


Over the years we've had experience with protecting the floors in major projects along with offices, residential areas, workplaces, schools, hospitals and areas that have traffic during a reconstruction project.

Recently we've worked with Brisbane Airport Corporation, Myer's, David Jones, Kmart, Westfield Shopping Centre and many more to help ensure no damage is made to the floor coverings while other works are happening. 

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